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Recently one girls' basketball team beat the other one 100-0. The coach for the WINNING team got fired because of the outcry of his lack of sportmanship in beating the other team so badly. Now UB is all about sportsmanship. HOWEVER, this is a perfect example of what is wrong today with how kids are being taught. Today there is no such thing as losing. Everybody gets a trophy just for showing up. This has nothing to do with what the real world is going to be like for these kids when they become adults. Reality is much different from what the "we all are winners just for trying" mentality is. People lose. People get fired. That's life. You do not prepare them by teaching them that you are a victim if you don't always win. Why even keep score. One team was better than the other, period. perhaps the league is at fault for not having a mercy rule, but the reality of sports is, you teach your team to play hard until the horn sounds, period. That is how you teach winning and earning victory. If the other team can't keep up, IT'S THEIR FAULT. NOT THE WINNING TEAM'S FAULT! Kids today are ill-prepared to face defeat in life, and you cannot learn through defeats such as the 100-0 trouncing if you are not allowed to. if the other team gets the blame. What the team that suffered such a horrible defeat should take away from this is....NEXT time, we will prepare better, get better players, whatever it takes to win. And then maybe they get beat 100-30. Then it'll be 100-50, etc., etc. BUT, the winning coach got fired...so that the bleeding hearts could look like they are interested in fair play. GIVE ME A BREAK. I've got one word you... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

01/26/2009 2:33PM
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