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Love Me?

lookinforlove.jpgHave you ever shared a secret with someone, hoping they have the same secret? Hoping to make a human connection? Like that you like to make sexy farm animal sounds during love making. "Mmmooooooo!" Then they say, "Ugh...eeww. No, never."  And then I say, "Yeah... me neither." Awkward silence... Is it just me or do we all spend a lot of time trying to be accepted, liked, loved by others and what we say just seems to get in the way?  "Ugh, no UB.  That's just you." Take an honest look at your relationship with your friends, loved ones, and definitely the people you work with and see if they generally fall into two categories: those who you'd like to talk to when you call them on the phone and those you'd rather get their voicemail instead.  "Actually, UB, I like talking with everyone on the phone." So it's just me who finds that most of my dialog and interaction with human beings is strained at best?  "Wow UB!  You're a mess. Maybe you need to talk to your shrink, Dr. Betty Crocker?" Don't we have anything in common?  What about music... do you like music?  "Yes."  Great!  Who do you listen to?  "Well UB, I really like Katy Perry." Damn it... Just when we were starting to make a connection.

02/19/2009 3:31PM
Love Me?
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