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Social Hell

social_hell.jpgI’m so sick of Twitters and Facebookers.  Get a life. Ironically, those who tend to complain about what gets Twittered or Facebooked are the most flagrant abusers of social networking etiquette.  Present company excluded, I’m sure. Do we really need to read Facebook posts or Tweets like: “Just got up and boy am I tired – 7:00AM” “Having some really great coffee – 7:10AM” “Did you know coffee comes from coffee beans – 7:12AM” Who cares! And another thing… parents should be forbidden from using Facebook and Twitter.  I’m sure before Facebook and Twitter were around we all had the misfortune of being stuck hearing endless stories by parents blathering on about their kid did this and did that and how cute they are when they poop and blah, blah, blah.  But now armed with digital guns like Facebook and Twitter, we can all look forward to endless blasts of text, photos and videos of children who, quite frankly, only a parent could love or care about. Then there are the narcissistic, sycophants that love to tell you where they are and who they’re with. “Hey everyone… look at me here at the top of the Eiffel Tower sipping champagne with Nicolas Sarkozy – 3:22PM” I usually tweet back something like, “JUMP!” While not everyone behaves like this on social networks, it only takes one or two to make me want to unplug the whole damn thing.  If this is the best that virtual socialites can come up with, then give me less tweets and pokes and a lot more of nothing.

05/21/2009 3:03PM
Social Hell
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