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machetelindsay250Rumor has it some Hollywood stars are in town this weekend for the filming of Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming film “Machete.”  So you just may see stars like Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba or little Lindsay Lohan walking around town. Twenty bucks says Lindsay will be spotted throwing a tantrum somewhere in Austin before the weekend is over. Machete was originally one of a couple faux-trailers Robert likes to show before his movies.  Some of you may have caught the Machete trailer before Robert’s last movie, Grindhouse. Like Grindhouse, Machete promises to have plenty of gore times a hundred.  There will be lots of blood, big blades and babes. I have it from a very unreliable source that in one scene from Machete, Lindsay is completely wasted and yelling at her girlfriend/lover, when a catfight breaks out and the couple breaks up and then they make up and then they break up and then they make up and start throwing eggs at the paparazzi and then Lindsay storms off in her car and nobody can find her for days and then… wait… that’s not a scene from Machete but real drama from Lindsay’s life. Hey I know, all Rodriquez has to do is follow around Lindsay Lohan, the actress, with the cameras rolling and have leading man Danny Trejo chase her with machetes.  CUT!  THAT’S A TAKE!  PRINT IT! I’m a freaking genius! I gotta call Robert Rodriguez. See you at the premiere!

08/14/2009 4:41PM
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08/18/2009 11:03AM
..Saturday I was at Whole Foods & the cashier mentioned that Lindsay popped in on Friday... Sounds like she was in Good Spirits! AUSTIN SEEMS TO BE GOOD FOR LILO SO FAR!! Wonder if she got the Gumdrops.. THEY ROCK!! YUM!!
12/21/2009 8:58AM
Sexy Little Dildo
hm... luv this ))
12/23/2009 6:11PM
Drunk Chicks Mp3
well.. it's like I knew!
01/02/2010 3:00AM
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01/08/2010 6:50AM
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