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taylorandwestI was going to leave alone the debacle that occurred at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. It’s not like either of them need any more publicity on the matter. But here is some breaking news. I have it from one of my many unreliable sources that the whole thing was allegedly a publicity stunt. I think anyone with a brain and a pulse knew that. But here is the real kicker. Just before my informant passed out from an overdose (apparently smoking banana peels is not good for you), he mumbled to me that Kanye has left his city girlfriend Amber Rose for country girl Swift. The photo on the left was allegedly taken by Mrs. Rose’s private investigator. Taylor and Kanye are clearly holding hands and coming out of one of Kanye’s favorite puppet show theatres in New York where many of the puppet characters routinely club each other with little wooden sticks and otherwise misbehave.The puppet shows sound like a ripoff of Punch and Judy but hey… whatever floats Kanye’s boat. So, Amber Rose. If you’re reading this and want to get even with Kanye and make him jealous, call me. I know this great puppet theatre where all the characters are made out of corncobs.

09/18/2009 10:09AM
I Just Wanna Say...
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03/25/2010 10:36PM
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