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A.I. in Austin

AI In AustinAmerican Idol is in Austin for it's Season 10 auditions. Oh I can’t wait to hear the next musical prodigy to come from the Idol loins. After all, we depend on AI to bring us such musical geniuses as Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert. Oh wait! Adam Lambert didn't win on season 8... Kris Allen did.  So why do we still have to listen to an Idol loser? Anyway, out of sheer boredom and because I’m easily entertained, I took a trip to the Frank Erwin Center where would-be contestants have been lining up for audition wristbands for their chance at stardom.  Here are the top ten things I overheard while in line. 10. Is this the line for Longhorn cheerleader tryouts? 9. Will you hold my place in line? I have to pee. 8. No I won’t hold your place! Just pee in line like I do. 7. Why does the Frank Erwin Center smell so bad? 6. My favorite AI winner of all time is Kelly Clarkson. I hope I become just as famous and just as fat as she is. 5. Is this the line for American Idol judges tryouts? 4. I’m gay so I know I’m going to win. 3. That’s right… I won season 3 but since my career didn’t go anywhere, I decided to try out again. 2. So is the “Pants On The Ground” guy dead or not?  1. Hey everyone look… my pants are on the ground and I’m peeing in line. Weeeeeeee!
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