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One Slick Plan

Thank you Gordon for the image. This oil spill meter indicates the amount of oil spewing into the Gulf since April. Smart people have been trying to figure out how to plug the hole since the disaster started (certainly not before) but I have an idea that just might work. Why not stuff the hole with BP executives and prison inmates? There has got to be a lot of them and if we start with the chubbier ones I'm sure the plan would work. Now, I'm not completely heartless. We'd send the criminals down with enough oxygen until the hole is plugged or until a fresh batch of BP executives or prison inmates could be sent to relieve those dutifully lodged in the hole. Since Washington has not helped facilitate a solution, I think they'd be all ears for this brilliant plan. All I need is for 5,000 people to reply to this blog giving a "two thumbs up" and I can formally submit a petition to congress. C'mon people! Are you with me? Besides, it's getting pretty boring watching the oil spill webcam and would be far more entertaining watching my plan being put into action. No pun intended but I think my idea is pretty slick. What do you think?
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