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The Big Weekend is Coming!!

Want a Fur Baby? Pflugerville Pets Alive can help you find the perfect Fur Baby match!
Here's the 411! Find a Fur Baby to Love, and get the Big Love back! It's a Win/ Win!

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It's already been 4 weeks....

I've been using Ovation for about a month now. Here's my 4 week Ovation check in...

www.ovationhair.com @ovationhair #ovationhair
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It's the little things....

Check out a couple of posts I put up last night when something that doesn't seem like a big deal, became a bigger deal ...

Here's the 1st FB Post: Click here!

Here's what happened shortly after the 1st post. Click here!

Last night I remembered it's best not taking the little things forgranted, because with out them, many big things fall through. Take the time to enjoy what you have, rather than what you don't have! Amazing how a few hours w/out water got me thinking this way. I think it really happened when I had the potential of deciding on the toilet flush. (You won't get that unless you checked out the post ). Enjoy! HR
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Hey ATX! Here's what's up!!!!

The Long Center's 2015-16 Season was celebrated during Austin Arts Block Party at the Long Center (8/23/15). Heath shares some Family Fun 411 that is happening. I'm really Excited about a show that was at the Long Center last year, and a new one is coming back. Hint: Blue is a BIG color for this show! It's so much FUN! You should go!

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My 3 Weekish Check In...

So is Ovation making a difference in my hair? Actually, I'm starting to see a difference which makes me Happy!
Check it out...

www.ovationhair.com @ovationhair #ovationhair
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Scratch this off my Bucket List..

Thanks to everyone who donated their time, money and gave their support for Kutz 4 Kidz in Round Rock on Sunday. It was Awesome being a part of Round Rock Community Love! Y'all Rock!

Thanks to LT. Fireman Ronnie from Round Rock Fire Dept. for letting me scratch this off my Bucket LIst!
Click here!
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Texas Ties to the trending 'Turtle video'...

There is a video that was taken by Marine Biologists that has gone Worldwide viral! I know after I watched it I thought differently in the way I use and get rid of plastics, especially straws. A few days ago when my honey Ted & I were at the grocery store, there were straws in a display on sale. My honey Ted looked at them and said .. 'No!'.
Here's a bit of background on the video. Click the link below the video if you would like more 411 on it.

The Team of researchers from Texas A&M University and Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne had gone to Costa Rica for an in -water research trip and found a male Olive Ridley sea turtle. They initially thought what was up in its nostril to be parasitic worm. With the use of a Swiss Army knife, they proceeded to remove the object from the turtle's nasal passage, and discovered something totally different...

Click here for some cool ways to recycle/reuse straws.


Click here for some cool ways to recycle/reuse straws.

Click here for 411 on recycling plastics for each state
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Which do you prefer?

Negative Criticism

Negative: 2. a: lacking positive qualities; especially: disagreable b: marked by features of hostility, withdrawal, or pessimism that hinder or oppose constructive treatment or development negative outlook> <negativecriticism>

Constructive Criticism
Constructive: 3 : promoting improvement or development <constructivecriticism>

Which one do you prefer?

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Ovation Color Test

I've used Ovation for a short time as my shampoo/conditioner /Ovation Cell Therapy treatment as my hair care products. So far I'm liking my hair. I took it to my hair stylist Alex, and we gave Ovation the Color test. See how it does...

100% Satistfacion from Ovation.. 365 Money Back Guarantee. Nothing to lose!
It's Starting 8/5/15
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Keeping it Green...

Good Lovin' can be Mama Earth Friendly too, with the eco-conscious condoms! Click here!
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A movie to watch...

Last night my Honey Ted & I had a Netflix night w/ Kevin Costner's Black or White. I had run across a write up about the movie where, Kevin Costner explained that he wanted to get this movie out so badly that he didn't get paid to do it. He actually paid for it to be made and released.. produced and starred in it. This movie deals w/ the many stereo types and issues that we face today with many topics including family, death, race, human nature and more. When you have a chance I suggest you watch it and see what you think about it. It definitely made me think more after watching it.

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Do you have these?

You have these on 'YOUR' Back-to-School Shopping List right?

Monday at 7am starts the last week to win $1,000! You can't win if you don't play! SO PLAY & WIN!!!
www.mix947.com/cash Get 'YOUR' Back to School Goodie shopping taken care of!
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Whatever your plans are, be sure you take this extreme heat in consideration...
Friday: 103 Saturday: 104 Sunday: 104
Next week- Monday : 105 Tuesday High: 105 Wednesday:105

More forecast 411

Be careful when you are outside. Be sure to have lots of water to drink, sunscreen to apply and take breaks out of the heat. Please Don't Over Due.

Keeping Older Adults Safe during EXTREME HEAT!
10 Tips for Keeping Child's Safe during EXTREME HEAT!
Pet Safety During Extreme Heat

Best Hospitals in the Austin Area search

411 on Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke
What is heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion happens when your body gets too hot. It can be caused by physical exercise or hot weather. You may experience:
  • Heavy sweating
  • Feeling weak and/or confused
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Dark-colored urine, which indicates dehydration
What should I do if I think I have heat exhaustion?
If you think you have heat exhaustion, get out of the heat quickly. Rest in a building that has air-conditioning. If you can't get inside, find a cool, shady place. Drink plenty of water or other fluids. Do NOT drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks (such as soda). These can make heat exhaustion worse. Take a cool shower or bath, or apply cool water to your skin. Take off any tight or unnecessary clothing.
If you do not feel better within 30 minutes, you should contact your doctor. If heat exhaustion is not treated, it can progress to heatstroke.
What is heatstroke?
Heatstroke is when the internal temperature of the body reaches 104°F. It can happen when your body gets too hot during strenuous exercise or when exposed to very hot temperatures, or it can happen after heat exhaustion isn't properly treated. Heatstroke is much more serious than heat exhaustion. Heatstroke can cause damage to your organs and brain. In extreme cases, it can kill you.
Symptoms of heatstroke
  • High fever (104°F or higher)
  • Severe headache
  • Dizziness and feeling light-headed
  • A flushed or red appearance to the skin
  • Lack of sweating
  • Muscle weakness or cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Fast breathing
  • Feeling confused, anxious or disoriented
  • Seizures
What should I do if I think someone has heatstroke?
If you think someone might have heatstroke, call emergency medical personnel immediately. While you are waiting for medical assistance, take the person into an air-conditioned building or a cool, shady place. Remove the person's unnecessary clothing to help cool him or her down. Try to fan air over the person while wetting the skin with water. You can also apply ice packs to the person's armpits, groin, neck and back. These areas contain a lot of blood vessels close the surface of the skin. Cooling them with ice packs can help the person cool down.
Get medical help right away if you have these warning signs:
  • Skin that feels hot and dry, but not sweaty
  • Confusion or loss of consciousness
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
More here: http://familydoctor.org/…/heat-exhaustion-an-heatstroke.html

Consumers can monitor ERCOT system conditions at www.ercot.com or through the ERCOT Energy Saver mobile app, available free for Apple or Android devices.

Tips to conserve energy and save money during the hottest days of the year:
  • Turn up thermostat 1-2 degrees; higher when not home
  • Close blinds/drapes to keep heat out
  • Turn off / unplug unnecessary electronics
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This makes me like her even more...

I enjoy seeing celebrities go out and do things w/ the public, and Singing Telegrams w/ James & Demi ROCKS!
I like Demi the more I see her out, and I'm loving her new single 'Cool For The Summer!'

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It's Starting Now!!!

Check this out....

%100 Satisfaction w/ a 365 Day $$$$ Back Guarantee. Nothing to lose to try it out! www.OvationHair.com
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Love to see more of this in ATX!

Pickathon in Oregon this past weekend is a music festival and more that celebrates music without the Big Mess many festivals leave on Mama Earth. Sustainability is a big thing here. The stage created by students is even recyclable…

"After building smaller stages at the event the previous two summers, the student-led design and construction team took on the challenge of building a 1,000-person stage this year. As part of a 10-week course that leads up to the event, the students looked at a zero-waste construction practices and ways to divert materials from landfills; after submitting different designs, they settled on stacking massive, industrial cardboard tubes, four-to-six-foot-long cylinders normally used like toilet paper rolls to hold sheet metal, to build a honeycomb-like stage. Trucked out and assembled on site, the tubes were bolted together on the ends, forming a venue that played host to performances by Ex Hex, William Tyler and more, as well as a light show. But as quick as the stage was built, it disappeared. All the material will be repurposed and reused after the festival, and even the portions of the huge rolls that were bolted together will be shredded and used as raw material to make more tubes."

A stage like this would be cool in ATX don't you think? Click here to see the stage and more 411! It's very cool!

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