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Thrilla on Mount Bonnella

guru mt. bonnellBeing a guru, I sure meet some very interesting albeit spiritually depraved people. And they come out of the wood work like zombies from Michael Jackson's “Thriller” except in a good way but they usually can't dance. Take for example a group of people who came to see me at one of my many sermons I now give atop of Austin's Mount Bonnell. This particular group of people all had one thing in common – they were all delusional to the point of making up stories about how they saved the world by inventing buggy software. Oh, yes. And they also had all filmed commercials touting the greatness of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. You've probably seen these people in commercials promoting the new Windows 7 OS, where good looking actors portray otherwise chubby, butt-ugly actors in re-enactments of moments when they first invented amazingly useful software features like computers not crashing when you, well, use them. My favorite one is the nerdy hot chick with glasses who invented the one-touch button that erases all the Albanian porn you have on your computer – apparently a useful feature when you're being targeted by the Albanian ATF for unlawful possession of pornography depicting adults wearing nothing more than funny hats and skirts.

04/01/2010 7:59PM
Thrilla on Mount Bonnella
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