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Top Toys for 2009

This list is from AOL

--Magnext Turbo Tops: The object of this game is to keep your top spinning for as long as possible by using a magnet to control it. ($29.99)

--"Scene It?" "Twilight" edition: "Scene It?" is a board game where players have to identify movie scenes in order to advance their game piece. ($29.99)

--Elmo Tickle Hands: These are furry gloves your kid can wear that look just like Elmo's hands on "Sesame Street". ($29.99)

--Marshmallow Shooters: This is literally a gun that shoots marshmallows. (???) (starting at $13.99)

--Night Vision Goggles: Awesome. Need I say more? ($49.99)

--Mini Projector: As in "movie projector." It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and can project an image as large as five feet onto a screen. ($79.99)

--"Star Wars" Force Trainer: This toy includes a wireless headset that reads and interprets your brainwaves in order to move an object inside a control chamber. ($89.99)

--Jammin' Band Mic: This is a musical activity center for little kids. ($48.99)

--Cake Bakery: This is the latest version of the classic bake set. ($29.99)

--"Pop the Pig" board game: The object of the game is to stuff hamburgers into the mouth of a pig until his belly explodes. (???) ($19.99)

11/24/2009 3:53AM
Top Toys for 2009
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