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Heather Rivera
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Heather's Thingies Blog

I'm an even BIGGER FAN now!...

Rachel Platten's 'Fight Song' has become very important to many, especially one of her fans Jeremiah who is fighting cancer. Rachel surprised him at the Children's Hospital in LA. But Rachel got a sweet surprise from Jeremiah when a duet w/ her song happened. Check out the ? Jeremiah asks Rachel at the end of the duet.

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Week #5 What's up?!!!

I've been using Ovation Hair for about 5 weeks. Here's what's up....

#ovationhair @ovationhair www.ovationhair.com
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New Mix Ear Candy...

I'm a Big Fan of the new single from A Great Big World- Hold Each Other. It's about LOVE In general, and how it knows no boundaries. Hold Each Other, and together you can make it. LOVE CAN CONQUER ALL! It's considered a Progressive Pop Song because of the lyrics. There are some stations that won't play it, which I can't understand why. It's a great song w/ a geat message of Love. I'm Happy Mix 94.7 is playing it. Listen for it! Thank you! You Rock!

Chad King & Ian Axel's message behind the song. Click here...
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Taylor's 1 Thing...

Taylor Swift’s new video premiere, 'Wildest Dreams', was right before the VMA kick off last night. Taylor has all the video proceeds going to a great cause. It’s 1Thing that helps wildlife, us and Mama Earth. Watch the video , and know if you decide to buy it, the gift of music can save lives.  www.africanparks.eu/home.html

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It's Been 10 years...


I know there will be a parade, because that is what NOLA does! :) 
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The Big Weekend is Coming!!

Want a Fur Baby? Pflugerville Pets Alive can help you find the perfect Fur Baby match!  
Here's the 411! Find a Fur Baby to Love, and get the Big Love back! It's a Win/ Win! 

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It's already been 4 weeks....

I've been using Ovation for about a month now. Here's my 4 week Ovation check in...


www.ovationhair.com  @ovationhair  #ovationhair 
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It's the little things....

Check out a couple of posts I put up last night when something that doesn't seem like a big deal, became a bigger deal ...

Here's the 1st FB Post: Click here!

Here's what happened shortly after the 1st post. Click here!

Last night I remembered it's best not taking the little things forgranted, because with out them, many big things fall through. Take the time to enjoy what you have, rather than what you don't have! Amazing how a few hours w/out water got me thinking this way. I think it really happened when I had the potential of deciding on the toilet flush. (You won't get that unless you checked out the post ). Enjoy! HR
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Hey ATX! Here's what's up!!!!

The Long Center's 2015-16 Season was celebrated during Austin Arts Block Party at the Long Center (8/23/15). Heath shares some Family Fun 411 that is happening.  I'm really Excited about a show that was at the Long Center last year, and a new one is coming back.  Hint: Blue is a BIG color for this show! It's so much FUN! You should go!

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My 3 Weekish Check In...

So is Ovation making a difference in my hair?  Actually, I'm starting to see a difference which makes me Happy! 
Check it out...

www.ovationhair.com  @ovationhair  #ovationhair
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