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*I've been tweeting a bit the past few weeks trying to decide if 'Twitter' is 'THE BOMB'!
Like many I talk to... THEY LOVE IT!!!... I think it's cool to see 'Tweet's' from Celebs to see
what they are up too... I'm still trying to work on what seems to be 'Tweet Worthy'...
But when I see 'Tweets' Like..
"I'm eating a cookie".. Or "Driving to work"..
Makes me wonder, did I really have to know that? Or am I just not getting the whole "Twitter Vibe'.
If I'm eating a cookie, I want to enjoy it, not feel like I have to write about it first, or while I'm doing it.
I've noticed many tweets are like that... it feels like peeps aren't experiencing everything because they are stopping to tell others about it...or  is it just the feeling that you want others to experience w/ you, so it makes  the cookie more meaningful???
...Maybe as I continue down the 'Twitter' road a bit more, I'll get it!! I mean Oprah is 'BIGGER" than God on Twitter.. guess that means something right???
.. Oh yeah..there was Twitter History that was made yet again... Docs @ the Children's Hospital in Dallas on Monday had 'Tweets' sent out during a Kidney transplant from a Father to his 3 year old son...Cool!!??
Send me a 'Tweet' w/ your thoughts? smiley.gif

05/21/2009 7:06AM
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05/21/2009 12:37PM
I totally agree! It's nice to keep people interested/informed with what you're doing if they want to know, and equally very helpful when people post informative links, etc we can benefit from. I think moderation may be the key here. Not sure about the whole enchilada though (or cookie in this case). :)
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