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Happy 4/ 20 Day!

I just realized my parents got married on a 4/20 Day in 1963. It's got all kinds of celebration qualities to it. I personally pay more attention to my parents wedding anniversary. Today would have been their 52nd wedding anniversary. In dog years, that's 364 years. cheeky They were married 40 years, before my Mama Betty passed away, and my Daddy Maurice passed about 1 1/2 years ago. So when this popped in my head this morning, it made me smile and tear up at the same time.

What makes a couple stay together for so long? When I asked them on their 40th, my Daddy Maurice smiled and said that my Mama Betty is always right, and that seemed to work. She smiled and said, " It's LOVE'...We get in arguments/fights. We've gone through many Bad Times, but the Good Times Out Shine those... " The main part of their relationship is THEY TRULY LOVED EACH OTHER, AND THEY LIKE HANGING OUT WITH EACH OTHER AND DOING THINGS TOGETHER. It's what worked for them.

I like to think that they are together today celebrating their 52nd. My Mama Betty driving my Daddy nuts. My Daddy Maurice trying to keep his patience, but when it comes down to it..


Here's one of their wedding songs. My Mama Betty LOVED Elvis and watched his movies and listened to his music all the time. Blue Hawaii was one of her favorite movies, so it was no surprise this song made it in their wedding. Okay, I'm getting teary eyed, so I'll let Elvis take it away.
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Starts on Monday!!!

Don't forget these important times starting Monday...

Click here for the 411 & get text alerts 15 minutes each time of play!
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Happy 75th?

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Luck #s...

If I had $1,000, I think I'd use it for a long weekend at the beach w/ my honey Ted. Bills popped in my head too, but the beach is way more FUN. What would you do w/ $1,000? Think about it, and make sure you listen starting Monday (4/20) for these 'Lucky Numbers'. Click here!
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Missing keys drama...

These are my honey Ted's car keys. Why would I have his keys? Well, I misplaced mine when I went shopping yesterday. I was at a store that sells mostly shoes, and was also looking at purses. Have you ever taken some stuff out of your purse and put it in the potential new one to see if it will hold all your stuff? Okay, I do that from time to time, but yesterday I forgot to somehow take my keys out of the one in the store, that I didn't buy. When I went to change out purses at home w/ a different one I got, my keys were MIA.

Of course, I freaked out, and felt really stupid. My honey Ted came to me and was so sweet and said, "Calm down... give me your phone." He found exactly where my keys were... In the, locked up for the night, store. He discovered this for sure w/ the GPS keychain finder he got me when I got my new phone. I didn't like it at all, because I felt like a little girl who needed mitten holders to keep them with her coat so she wouldn't lose them, which I had those growing up too!

Well, it did locate my keys, which even Ted knew I would misplace eventually. So I eat crow and say he's right about getting the keychain locater, and Thank You for getting my keys this morning. I was so mad at myself last night and upset. Again my honey Ted said," Honey we know where they are, I'll get them tomorrow. Use my keys to get to work. It will all work out!" Thank goodness for my honey Ted. I am so Lucky to have this man in my life. He says he's Lucky too, but I'm sure times like this would make one re-think that statement. :) I suppose I keep things exciting.. :)

To my honey Ted,, "I Love You Just The Way You are.... and I'm Thankful You Love Me Just The Way I Am Too!" ... Heather

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A sad letter to her fans...

Taylor Swift posted a letter on Tumblr to her fans titled 'Just So You Know' sharing news about her mom's cancer diagnosis. My thoughts and prayers go out to Taylor, her mom Andrea and the rest of her family. May Andrea's fight lead to victory in the very near future. I like the way Taylor signed off...

"Thank you for caring about my family so much that she would want me to share this information with you. I hope and pray that you never get news like this. Love you. Taylor " Click here to see the entire letter.

Give your loved ones an EXTRA BIG HUG!
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Awesome to hear from her...

Does the name Rachel Platten ring a bell? Rachel was a Mix 94.7 WOTF artist a few years ago. She's super cool and talented. She even tried to teach me 'Beat Boxing'....

I'll let Rachel keep w/ that, and I'll admire it Listen up for her new single 'Fight Song' on Mix 94.7!
It Rocks!

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RockStar Head Stand...

Click here to see the 'RockStar Head Stand'!
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Happy April 2nd!....

I made it through April Fool's Day w/out getting pranked. I did pull one on my honey Ted, but it was done out of Love. You'll understand when you watch it! April is Earth Month, with Earth Day happening on Wednesday, April 22nd. I was sent this fantastic video created by Ryan Castle, who is part of the Entercom Radio family in Seattle. It's a way different take on a what to do recycling video. It borders Epic for sure when it comes to recycling videos.. Check it out!

Today is also PB & J Day! Celebrate w/ your favorite combo! I treated my co-buds w/ a treat in the kitchen today. A sandwich that is yummy, and Mama Earth Friendly too! Good Yummy Times! Click here!
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Stuck in ATX traffic...

Here's what I did stuck in traffic. I apologize up front for being lyrically challenged.  You would think a radio personality wouldn't have that issue, but I do.  If I don't know or remember it I tend to make up words.  Sometimes I think they are saying a certain word and then find out I was totally off when I look up the lyrics.  My honey Ted will catch me at times and ask.. What are you singing?  What was the word you just said... Come to find out I've been singing it off key wrong with some songs for years.  Oh well, it's all in the enjoyment. Music makes the soul Happy, and Nickelback was making me Happy during this moment.  I'm looking forward to their big show in ATX at the ATX 360 Amphitheater on Saturday night! 

I'm Ready to Rock!!!
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