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THE SEASON HAS STARTED.. SNAKE SEASON! I ran into this story and I wanted to share. With things heating up, there is a bigger chance you will run into a snake.  Just something to think about for a bit to make sure you are extra careful when you are out enjoying the summer heat in Central Texas, especially if you are walking your dogs/pets. 

There are four main types of venomous snakes in north America including copper heads, cotton mouths, coral snakes and rattlesnakes. Texas has all four.According to experts in Texas, on average, two people die every day from rattlesnake bites. It's far more likely that any snake you encounter in Texas will not be one of the venomous species, however.
 ....If you are bitten by a snake experts also say you should try to identify the type of snake that bit you and get to the emergency room. Do not try to treat it yourself. Experts say that with prompt medical attention the chances of surviving the incident are better than you might expect"

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06/10/2013 9:32AM
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