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Watch out for this!!!

I caught a story last night about more snakes popping up in populated areas in  Central Texas.  Since more  homes are in preserve and other wooded areas, places snakes like to hang out, you could run into them.   A boy was recently bitten by a Coral snake, which is poisonous and anti-venom is extremely expenisve, because the company who made it stopped making as much in 2011.  I'm not tryin to freak you out, just putting it out there.  Keep an eye out, especially when you are walking your dog. 
Here are the' Ferocious Four' that have nothing to do w/ B-Ball..

(KXAN) In Texas, there are four main types of venomous snakes you need to watch out for including the Coral Snake, including Copperheads, Water Moccasins and Rattlesnakes.

Copperheads blend in with leaves and like to hide under logs and other debrisWater Moccasins, or Cottonmouths, like ponds, ditches, lakes, and marshy areas. These can even be aggressive and grow to nearly six feet long.There are nine different kinds of rattlesnakes found throughout the state. They usually "rattle" their tail before striking, giving you a warning, but not always...

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04/05/2013 9:29AM
Watch out for this!!!
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