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Weather Happens

traffic.jpgWill the lord baby Jesus please descend upon Austin, Texas and give everyone who can’t drive in “bad” weather, a brain. I’ve driven in many cities around the world and Austin, by far, has the most dumbass drivers when it comes to a little, tiny bit of rain on the road.  Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people? Driving in the rain this morning, it took me 45 minutes to travel 100 yards.  And by the way, you drivers who don’t like to use your indicator and jam your car into a line that’s not moving, well, if you ever have the chance to drive yourself off a cliff like a scene from Thelma and Louise, please be my guest. For example, in Mexico, come rain, snow or sunshine, they drive like it’s a big game of bumper cars, literally bumping their taco wagon against yours but at a self-organizing pace that would boggle the mind of many mindless Austin drivers.  Yet as chaotic as traffic in Mexico may be, it moves with surprising speed and fluidity. Consider this an open letter/blog to all Austin drivers who can’t seem to function on the road when weather happens.  If it’s raining, sprinkling or maybe even if there is a little morning dew on the roads, call your boss and tell him or her you’re not coming in today as a public service to Austin roadways and to those who otherwise can drive and chew gum at the same time.

03/11/2009 9:40AM
Weather Happens
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03/15/2009 9:23AM
you are so funny. I just happened upon your blog. I wish I could steal your posts, maybe I would be popular! LMAO at all of your blogs. I am a fan to the mystery bag head...aka...unknown blogger. You rule.
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