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Weekend Good Times w/ B.L. goodies...

Over the weekend, Ted and I hit the store for some
important items Bud Light and charcoal...

A craving for  smoked sausages and potato salad hit us.
We gave them an extra kick with Bud Light...



These 2 yummies are EASY to make. Here's the 411:

Bud Light Smoked Sausage/or Brats...
-Grab your favorite sausage/brat poke them once with a fork
-Cut in strips whatever type of peppers are your fav.
We used 1/2 a red, 1/2 orange and 1/2 yellow.
-1/3 onion...whatever your fav. We used 1/3 of a sweet onion
Put the sausage/brats in a container with the peppers and onion.
Pour 12oz of  Bud Light in the container with the meat and veggies.
Seal it either with tin foil/lid and put it in the frig to marinate overnight.

Heat up the veggies in a cast iron pan on the grill (or you can do it on your stove in a pan), while grilling the sausage/brat.
Grill to your liking!

-If you want less carbs, you don't have to have bread. But it sure is good with bread, especially the Sara Lee hoagie type buns we got. They would also Rock with the pretzel bread at Central Market!

Bud Light Potato Salad!
-1-1/2 pound of potatoes- whatever is your Fav. We used the red skinned potatoes.
-2 5.3 ounce plain Greek fat free yogurt
( you can also use mayo, but the Greek yogurt is healthier and tastes really good too not as sweet)
-1/4 cup of Sweet Gherkin pickles chopped up (cucumbers, dill or whatever pickle you like)
-1-2 table spoons of Bud Light
-1 table spoon garlic powder (or 1/2-1 clove of garlic)
-1 table spoon black pepper
( this is really peppery/w kick if you want it less kick ½ tablespoon.. or you could use other pepper, Chili pepper, jalapeño            peppers…)
-1 table spoon- multi season.. whatever you like.
(We did an italian salt free type one)
If you want it a bit sweeter, add a couple tablespoons of sugar or even honey!

-Cut potatoes in chunks and boil in a pan with 1/2 water and most of the 12 ounces of Bud Light (save a bit for the mixture 1-2 tablespoons). Add seasonings to the water splash of garlic powder, black pepper, and multi seasoning, or whatever your favorite seasonings are. Boil the potatoes until they are soft, but not falling apart. Let them cool a bit before adding the mixture. While the potatoes are boiling, get the mixture together.

-Mix together the plain Greek yogurt, with the seasonings, mustard and Bud Light.
Once the potatoes have cooled a bit, mix them in the mixture until they are all coated nicely. You could eat it right after you mix, but putting the potato salad in the frig overnight is EVEN BETTER!'

It's a sure sign of a Good Time... with Bud Light sausage/brats and Bud Light Potato Salad. HERE WE (YUMMY) GO!

Bud Light sausage with a yummy Bud Light Potato Salad
and a chilled Bud Light. Ted gave it a HUGE THUMBS UP!!!


You've got Bud Light recipes. Share with me either as a comment below or email me at heather@mix947.com


07/20/2011 6:19AM
Weekend Good Times w/ B.L. goodies...
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07/18/2011 10:27AM
OMG These look amazing.. and since my BF loves Budlight I am sure he is going to love another reason to have to buy more beer this weekend.. Definately going to try this recipe.. TY HEATHER!!!
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