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What Do Men Think?

men_think250I know what I think about on a daily basis but I was curious if other men thought about the same things. So I decided to do a scientific survey and invited over 200 men to take part in a study to determine what goes on inside a man’s head on any given day. Each participant was wired to a lie detector to eliminate answers that were just a bunch of bologna which made it extremely difficult as most men’s thoughts border on insanity. The results have been compiled into a top ten list. And here it is – the top ten things men think about on a daily basis.
10. How much toilet paper can you flush down a toilet in one sitting?
9. How can I get all the sports channels for free?
8. Which six pack of beer has the highest alcohol content & costs less than $3?
7. Where do I find two girls that want to have a Ménage à Troi while listening to Led Zepplin's Kashmir?
6. I hope my girlfriend doesn't ever find my porn collection.
5. Can I catch the swine flu if I don't wash my hands after going to the bathroom?
4. How many trips to the stripper bar in one week is too many?
3. Which all-you-can-eat buffet for under $4 will I eat at today?
2. Sex.
And the number one thing men think about on a daily bases is… 1. Absolutely nothing!

12/02/2009 10:29AM
What Do Men Think?
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