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What happened to my cravings?

So I would tell people all the time...my body needs chocolate/candy. I cannot get through a day without some kind of candy...I HAVE to have it...or I can't function. My sweet tooth was definitely something I was scared about going into this 21 Day Challenge. I mean I have candy stashed all throughout my room and car...I don't eat a ton of candy...but I have a few pieces everyday.

Since I started this challenge...I have not craved candy once. That is CRAZY to me. In fact...I have not craved any food. Now don't get me wrong...I wouldn't mind going to Planet Yogurt...or P. Terrys...but I am not craving it.

I guess it is because I am eating the right food with the 21 Day challenge...imagine that!

08/18/2010 1:52AM
What happened to my cravings?
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08/18/2010 9:19AM
Bo Jambo
Congrats for beating your addiction to sugar. If you keep yourself well supplied with FRESH FRUITS you'll do your waistline and yourself a world of good in the long run. Add 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise at least 5 days a week and you'll be lookin' mighty fine in that string bikini next summer. (If you're a female that is)
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