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Who wants to be a Facebook intern?

Word is:
Facebook interns get a baseline monthly salary of around $4,600 plus $400 multipled by the number of college years they've completed.

 The average monthly wage for a software-engineer intern at Facebook is $6,225, according to Glassdoor.com and reported by Business Insider. But some are taking home as much as $6,883. If they kept those internships for a full 12 months, they'd have an annual income of $82,600 -- almost four times the median annual earnings of working Americans over the age of 18. One anonymous intern claimed to be taking home $8,000 a month, plus a tuition subsidy for college.

Don't forget the perks:   enjoy all
the killer perks of Facebook's Menlo Park, Calif., offices, like laundry service, photo processing, leather repair, and free breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared by artisan chefs. They also receive an iPhone, a laptop and gym access...


Click here for more if you can stand it!   Here's a list of the highest paid technology interns!  Twitter and Google Rock too!


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06/07/2012 11:06AM
Who wants to be a Facebook intern?
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