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tipjar.jpgAlthough they’ve been around forever, I don’t understand why tip jars are necessary in coffee, sandwich or ice cream shops. I assume by the very nature that people work in a place like a sandwich shop that they don’t make much money but panhandling at your job?  C’mon! Why should we stop at the aforementioned establishments?  I don’t feel I get paid enough.  Would it be completely acceptable to put a tip jar on my desk at work?  Why not put out tip jars at the cashiers' checkout line at local supermarkets?  My proctologist does not have a tip jar and if it’s anyone who deserves a tip for poking around back there with a flashlight, it’s him. Then there’s the whole awkwardness of giving someone a tip.  I’m sure most tippees prefer large bills and not change.  Want to see time stand still?  Drop noisy quarters, nickels and pennies in a tip jar and you might as well have farted in the jar and received less guilt to boot. I particularly love the times when I go to put a damn good tip in the jar with dollar bills or a five spot and the schmuck wasn’t even looking.  So I fish out the tip and wait until I have tipper-to-tippee eye contact.  I get in a lot of fights that way.  People always seem to miss the insertion of the tip and only catch the fishing out part. The best tip I could give these people probably would not be taken in the spirit in which it was given – become an exotic dancer.  Now that’s where the real money is at!  No tip jar needed and patrons usually don’t stuff coins down your g-string.

05/05/2009 2:37PM
Will Blog for Tips
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