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Wost Album Covers of ALL Time!

If the title song is any indication this album was a real inspiration. Orleans had a couple of good songs but I can't hear "Still The One" anymore without thinking that they hang out together with their shirts off. Check out the song titles Porkchop sideburns! This guy still frightens me. Is this legal? And you thought Mad Men was sexist! These outfits are nothing compared to what they wore onstage. No kidding! He looks so real on this album cover! This is what happens when a famous rock band watches an episode of Miami Vice. You can see the sincerity in his eyes. Is this legal? What? She was huge back in the day. Google her. Looks like the outfits from Lost in Space. Speaking of lost in space, here's Michael Bolton. Please, DON'T touch him. Believe it or not, this was a real album by Rod Stewart. These people know how to party! Side A alone will send you to rehab. This guy actually had a greatest hits album? Extra crispy. Frightening! Ricky Martin?

04/26/2010 5:41AM
Wost Album Covers of ALL Time!
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04/29/2010 4:57AM
rosie luna
I love it! Whoever came up with these is a complete and utterly genius.
04/29/2010 7:49AM
Laughed my a** off! Thanks, Mix!
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