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You are invited....

Devenir Aesthetics invites you to find out more about their services and their highly trained and experienced staff.   Their services include skin care products and services, line and wrinkle treatment, skin tightening technologies, aesthetic surgical restoration and enhancement, and spider and varicose vein treatments. 

Dr. Patel is one of the highly trained and experienced on Devenir's staff. Here are some tibits to get to know  Dr. Patel and what he can do for you:
-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon  (concentrates ONLY on the face & neck)
Education / Training
-Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego
Magna Cum Laude

-Medical: MD, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
AOA Honor Society, Dean’s Scholar

-Internship: General Surgery, Beth Israel Medical Center
-Residency: Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
-Fellowship: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Texas, Houston
-Specializes in Rhinoplasty and nasal airway improvements. 
Check out this blog  about his take on Rhinoplasty.
-Latest photo-morphing technology & techniques
-Most important he believes in the natural, subtle, refreshed look.


 Dr. Patel's blog on aging:

Why do our faces age?  What can we do about it?
During our youth, collagen and elastin provide volume and tightness to our skin. These helpful proteins are constantly produced and broken down in the body. With aging, however, the seesaw tips from production to breakdown, and we lose volume and gain laxity. How and why this happens is still being worked out, but various enzymes, proteins, and free oxygen radicals are thought to contribute. It appears that our cells are genetically programmed to shut down after a time, but also environmental exposures tend to accelerate the process. The body protects itself from aging by producing DNA repair proteins, enzyme inhibitors, and antioxidants, but they decline over time.

The key is prevention, and you’re never too young or too old to start. Have you ever noticed that those with a healthy, stress-free lifestyle tend to look healthier. It seems the adage “garbage in, garbage out” also applies to aging. That means good nutrition, regular exercise, good skin care, and staying away from smoking, nicotine, and other environmental toxins. It’s not possible to entirely avoid the sun, so a daily sunscreen with the appropriate strength (SPF 30) becomes critical. Make sure that your sunscreen protects against both UV-A and UV-B, because some do not. In a world where the effectiveness of many products is ill-supported by hard data, Tretinoin (e.g. Retin-A), a form of topical Vitamin A, is one that has good evidence for working well to reverse sun damage. Ask your dermatologist if you are a good candidate.
Click here for the entire blog!

Check out more from Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable too! You'll see that from the video.  

Call Devenir Aesthetics 512-477-3778 to set up a consultation w/ Dr. Patel.  Find out what he can do for you!

07/17/2013 4:54PM
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