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Preparing for August 21st!

A total Solar Eclipse is expected to cross the entire country on Monday, August 21, 2017 for the 1st time since 1918. As long as the weather cooperates, everyone nationwide should be able to view the Solar Eclipse as the Moon passes in front of the Sun causing a shadow on Earth and making it look... Read More

Update: The "Tinder Couple" finally meet in person!

You may remember we told you the story of Josh and Michelle...two people who matched on Tinder and proceeded to message each other back and forth for THREE YEARS without meeting. Tinder caught wind of this after Josh posted their hilarious excuses for meeting up: Hahahaha one day I'm going to meet... Read More

Fifth Harmony Announces Date for New Album

Fifth Harmony had a big night yesterday (July 24). The girls made a few big announcements on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The band revealed that their self-titled album will drop on August 25. It is the group's third album, but it marks the band's first album without Camila Cabello ... Read More

American Horror Story Season 7 Name is ...

I'm looking forward to American Horror Story Season 7, which I hope is way better than Season 6. I tried hard to like last season's, but I just wasn't feeling it. The cast will include Lena Dunham (new addition) , Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner and Colton Haynes (Popcrush... Read More

WATCH: 'Total Bellas' Season 2 Trailer Released

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are bringing fans a season 2 of their hit reality show, Total Bellas . The WWE stars will once again share their life over the past year with their friends, family, and of course John Cena and Daniel Bryan . The Bella Twins will be giving their all this time around. We... Read More

What COLOR are YOU?

I gave this a try to see if the color fits me. Overall, I'd say yes, it fits for the most part. Although I'm not sure I have a wise old granny soul, and I only have 1 furbaby.. Huey, who yes, I spoil to death..... Here's what I got... Your personality is: Silver "You're a gentle soul, the kind that... Read More

Sara is the Bachelorette Watching Party part 8!

Last night I crashed my 8th Bachelorette watching party this season!!! This time the entire neighborhood walked over to watch the show at Beth Ann's house. I want to live in this was the neighborhood dreams are made of!! This was the spread. I was very excited about the show last... Read More

WATCH: Trailer for Season 8 of 'The Walking Dead' Was Released

We just got our first look at the upcoming 8th season for The Walking Dead . _informq.push(['embed'>); The trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con, and it has fans incredibly excited for the upcoming season. Of course, it also left a lot of lingering questions about what will happen in the show... Read More