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Happy San Jacinto Day!

Being new to this whole "Living in Texas" thing, i'm still learning about a lot of the local pastimes and traditions. For example, I noticed that "San Jacinto Day" was trending on twitter today. As you probably already know, today is the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto, which gave us two... Read More

Happy Earth Day / Weekend Fun!

Happy Earth Weeek/ Earth Month.. Saturday 4/22 is actually HAPPY EARTH DAY ! Here are some cool ideas on how you could celebrate w/ your family & friends. Then also check out what’s up in ATX this weekend showing Love to Mama Earth! Lots of #1Thing Love going on! CLICK HERE! Read More

LISTEN: Charlie Puth's New Song Has Our "Attention"

Attention! We have new music from Charlie Puth , and it sounds incredible. The 25-year-old singer released "Attention" late Thursday (April 20). The new track, which is super catchy, seems to be Puth's way of telling off an old lover. "You just want attention/ You don't want my heart/ Maybe you... Read More

LOOK: Katy Perry Tries and Spits Out Unicorn Frappuccino

Unicorn Frappuccinos are sweeping the nation, but one pop star probably won't be racing to Starbucks this weekend to get her fix of the popular, sugary drink. Katy Perry posted a video on her Instagram story on Thursday that appears to show her disappointment with the beverage. Katy appears to be... Read More

WATCH: 5 Tributes to Prince That Still Make Us Cry

It has been one year since Prince passed away. In the days following his death, we saw tons of amazing tributes to the music legend. Tributes poured to Prince poured in from fans, musicians, celebrities and even politicians across the globe. So today we're remembering the musical pioneer by looking... Read More

Vacation Time! Cheapest Days for Air Travel!

Now is the time to if you're thinking about going away on a Summer vacation to think about the travel costs. I ran across this write up that gives suggestions on when to buy airline tickets / travel days to fly at their cheapest. This is separate from deals that might pop up, that you might not see... Read More