June 9, 2016

After much consideration, I, the Unknown Blogger, have decided to run for president of the United States in 2016. My running mate will be my Mexican, Pedro and together we’ll make all your wildest dreams come true.

As president my first priority in office will be to build a ginormous wall around Donald Trump and his place of residency, the Trump Towers in New York. The #BuildAWallAroundTrump project will be built by Mexican Americans as well as Mexican Nationals entering this country legally or illegally. It will be a public works project funded by the United States government. Wall Workers will be paid $20 an hour which is beyond the current minimum wage in New York. So as not to be exclusionistic, the #BuildAWallAroundTrump project will be built not only by Mexican Americans (legal or illegal) but all other individuals offended by Donald Trump’s racist, bigoted, sexist, and xenophobic statements which pretty much means the entire world would be employed in making the #BuildAWallAroundTrump dream a reality. Special compensation would be given to existing tenants of Trump Towers to find other million-dollar skyscrapers to live in before The Donald is walled in.

My fellow Americans, government funded public works projects have historically been great for our country. They’ve created millions of jobs for the middle and lower class not to mention lined the pockets of many corrupt contractors – a win-win-win situation.  And public works projects have helped repair and build our crumbling infrastructure buy creating new municipal buildings, roads, bridges and really strong, tall walls. And so #BuildAWallAroundTrump is as Pedro says, “Pretty good.”  

So this November, Pedro and I ask for your vote. Help us #BuildAWallAroundTrump and therefore build a great America.

God bless you and God bless #BuildAWallAroundTrump.

This message was paid for by the Americans With A Brain Foundation and I approve this message.