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Preparing for August 21st!

A total Solar Eclipse is expected to cross the entire country on Monday, August 21, 2017 for the 1st time since 1918. As long as the weather cooperates, everyone nationwide should be able to view the Solar Eclipse as the Moon passes in front of the Sun causing a shadow on Earth and making it look... Read More

American Horror Story Season 7 Name is ...

I'm looking forward to American Horror Story Season 7, which I hope is way better than Season 6. I tried hard to like last season's, but I just wasn't feeling it. The cast will include Lena Dunham (new addition) , Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner and Colton Haynes (Popcrush... Read More

What COLOR are YOU?

I gave this a try to see if the color fits me. Overall, I'd say yes, it fits for the most part. Although I'm not sure I have a wise old granny soul, and I only have 1 furbaby.. Huey, who yes, I spoil to death..... Here's what I got... Your personality is: Silver "You're a gentle soul, the kind that... Read More

Getting Ready for a Weekend Getaway

The past few weekends have been busy and stressful working on the 'Project Downsizing' for our move in early September. We decided we deserved to take a break this coming weekend, and grab Furbaby Huey and head to Corpus Christi . Friday afternoon, we are Corpus Christi bound to enjoy some time... Read More

Pop vs Soda vs Coke

What do you call this? Pop, Soda, Coke. ..I was raised in the midwest.. Omaha, NE. Everyone I was around called it ... POP! When I got outside of Omaha, NE, I realized not everyone called it POP . In fact, I ran across a few times that people didn't know what I was asking for when I said 'Pop'. My... Read More

A Surprisingly Good Movie

honey Ted and continued our downsizing project of going, from a 2 bed / bath to a 1 bed/ bath, this weekend. It can be a tedious process, especially when you're working in the 2nd bedroom that has become a bit of a storage space. this made for some not so fun moments during the weekend. BUT.. last... Read More

What does this Photo Say to You?

Yep, it's a container (Reagan called the Ikea purchase) w/ 3 candies, so more candy is needed. Since today is National #JunkFoodDay, it will be filled again soon because it's way too yummy. Mix Facebook Friends Reagan, Jessica, Heather and Belinda were right on w/ the candy jar makeup. They know... Read More

Chester Bennington - R.I.P.

When I heard Chester Bennington , lead singer of Linkin Park, took his life, my eyes teared up, which ended up with tears running down my face. . Not because I personally knew Chester, but Linkin Park has many songs that have gotten me through a day, a difficult moments and just there to Rock out... Read More

He's Taking Back Halloween! Watch the New Trailer!

'YOU KNOW HIM HIS NAME' ...'YOU KNOW HIS VOICE'... 'HE KNOWS YOUR SINS' ... HE'S BEEN DEAD FOR 10 YEARS, BUT JIGSAW IS BACK!!! I have seen all the SAW movies. They came out around Halloween time, and it was a Great Scary Date Night w/ honey Ted each year of the SAWS for Halloween. Halloween has... Read More