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How many friends would it take to help you EAT THIS?!!!

Next time you're in Bangkok, you could drop by 'MO & MOSHI' and give their 'Strawberry Supreme' sundae a try. It has 22 scoops of ice cream AND MORE.. CAKE, WAFFLES.... AND MORE!!! Imagine trying to eat this in one sitting. I don't think that's possible for 1 person do you? Video of GIANT 22... Read More

Where to find Yummy Chocolate Eclairs in ATX

Happy #ChocolateEclairDay . My mouth is watering from the photo above. I want one now. Click here for some suggestions where to grab a yummy one in ATX! I'm a big fan of Voodoo Doughnuts Chocolate like Eclairs! #YUMMY! Read More

Happy 1st Full Day Of Summer

Yesterday afternoon/ evening I got my #HappySummerHair on from my girl Alex. Summer Ready, which means ear candy too! I'm throwing out these 2 songs as Big Contenders for 'The Summer Song of 2017'. .. I know it's early, so you never know what else might pop up. For now these get me in a summertime... Read More

Brooklyn & Bo are Ready to Celebrate Summer w/ You!

It's officially Summer! You can celebrate with Brooklyn, Bo & their friends at the Austin Humane Society . A furbaby would be the perfect way to enjoy the Sumertime in ATX! Go say hey & see how Adorable, Cute, Sweet and Awesome they are! #SpreadtheWord Cat of the Week: Brooklyn 1-year-old... Read More

Have a Cola & A Sunburn!!

A new trend for tanning is using Coke . Yes, the soda you drink! This is the first I have heard of this. How about you? According to Allure Magazine ... "The caramel coloring agents inside of the soda apparently help give people using it the bronzed skin tone they desire." But the reason it's a bad... Read More

Move Over Coffee for some Cake!

Okay, you don't have to move your coffee over, because my honey Ted would NEVER do that w/ his COFFEE. But you can have your Cake & Coffee too, when you try one of these yummy Mug Cake recipes thanks to Hungry Girl ! They're healthier for you, and I hear taste good too. I'm looking forward to... Read More

Summertime Inspiration

Many miss the positive vibes of Michelle Obama, but she's still putting the motivation and inspiration out there. A recent Instagram post showing her workin' the plank is making the rounds. She has a positive and inspirational message to go w/ it for the Summertime. Find what inspires you and run... Read More

MilkShake Hook Ups in ATX

Today it's National #VanillaMilkShakeDay! Yummy! Whether Vanilla is your fav, or you like to kick it up a notch or more, here are some suggestions where to get your "MilkShake Hookup" on in ATX. Click here. Here's some MilkShake Ear Candy that popped in my head.ENJOY! Video of Kelis - Milkshake BTW... Read More

I'm a member! Are you?

During the weekend, I found the perfect excuse for one of my most frustrating 'features' for lack of a better word. It keeps my free and many times painful membership in the #ClumsyClub . Well, my new $5 sleep shirt I found during the weekend is a perfect fit for me. It has also supplied me w/ the... Read More