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Baby Giraffe Live Cam ..

Update 2/27/17 6:45pm - April is still in labor. The word is a giraffe is pregnant for 15 months. She's been in labor for the past 5ish days. I found out that giraffes are pregnant for 15 months! I'm thankful I'm not a giraffe.. my goodness.. Oliver & April are expecting. Here's the live cam!... Read More

Watch What Halle Berry did after the Oscars!

Halle Berry is 50 & Fabulous. Besides bringin' back the Huge Hair to the Oscar Red Carpet, she started trending Big Time after the Oscars. Looks like she's relaxing all natural. Bruno Mars to help her out! Click here! I want to be Halle when I grow up! Read More

A Perfect Strawberry Combo...

Happy National #StrawberryDay! Of course Strawberries go perfect w/ CHOCOLATE. I realized the Oscar Brownies I made over the weekend would pair AWESOME w/ Strawberries. Kick them up a notch and create Strawberry Sauce w/ some vanilla ice cream / frozen yogurt... #Yummy Fresh Strawberry Sauce Recipe... Read More


15 – 1Things you can do w/ coffee grounds. Instead of tossing them try one of these . #1Thing to help Mama Earth! Go Team 1Thing!!! Read More

Huey's Oscar pick & Favorite Moments

Hi there... anyone else need more coffee this morning coming off the Oscar watch. I'm sure you heard about the biggest mess up in Oscar history when announcing last night's Best Picture category. If not, you can watch it here . When that happened, I thought 'Hey maybe a 3rd envelope will pop up,... Read More

Red Carpet Ready

Happy Oscars Day! A night where the Best movies and the people who help create them are celebrated for all ther hard work keeping us entertained. Of course, the 1st star of the day is 'The Red Carpet' ... It would be nice if everyone had at least 1 chance to work the Red Carpet. I didn't realize... Read More

A Book Inspired by ATX Traffic is Out

Tex MoPac has released a book of poetry / short stories all inspired by ATX's fellow commuters. It's called 'Traffick Wocky' , and available here. Many say Tex looks like Scott Jarrett, an English teacher at St. Andrews Episcopal School. Who knew getting stuck in Sucky ATX traffic could be a good... Read More

Look Out for Blue Bell's New Flavor

Blue Bell is ready for Spring / Summer w/ this yummy flavor they created... Vanilla Ice Cream loaded w/ dark chocolate-coated cone pieces, chopped roasted peanuts with a rich chocolate sundae sauce swirl.. You've got ICE CREAM CONE... #ItsConeTastic! The newest addition to the Blue Bell Ice Cream... Read More

Happy Tortilla Chip Day! Have a 'Hissy Fit' & more...

The Tortilla Chip is Queen today . It's Queen cause I'm a girlie. I ran across these dip suggestions to add some Life to a chip. You really can't have a Tortilla Chip without something on it. Can you? Make the day even more yummy enjoyable by adding a favorite beverage w/ it! Margarita's are coming... Read More

Bruno vs Ed at the BRIT Awards!

I think Bruno and Ed both did Great, but who deserves the ' NAILED IT' award for their performance at the BRIT Awards last night. BRIT Awards is equivalent to The Grammy Awards... winners list Bruno's performance of 'That's What I Like'.. #TeamBrunoNailedIt Video of Bruno Mars - That's... Read More