10 Thingies on Starley

#Starley #WestoftheFest

April 11, 2017

Update 4/11/17: STARLEY WAS AWESOME at #WestoftheFest! Listen for her song  'Call On Me' on Mix 94.7! Her star continues to RISE! 

#WestoftheFest at the Steampunk Saloon on W. 6th St features a wide range of talented artists.  Starley is part of the reason the lineup is AWESOME! She's expected to hit the stage around 2pm Friday.  Starley's U.S. star is rising. Catch her for FREE if you're 21 & up while you can.  Remember Ed Sheeran a few years ago....  Starley could be NEXT!!

10 Thingies to Get to Know Starley

1.) Starley - born and raised in Australia
2.) Starley - 29 years old
3.) Starley - First got attention being featured on Odd Mob's 'single 'IntoYou'
4.) Starley - her breakthrough single 'Call On Me'/ Electro Pop - the single that kept her from quitting music
5.) Starley - Twitter    Facebook   Instagram
6.) Starley - Takes early morning vocal lessons because she never wants to stop learning and growing (topic of a recent tweet)
7.) Starley - Touring w/  Clean Bandit & Zara Larsson
8.) Starley -  The movie LaBamba got her interested in pursuing a music career
9.) Starley -  Worked at her dad's Blind Business to pay the bills / she almost quit music to be a fitness instructor  then she wrote 'Call On Me' 
10.) Starley - Part of the West of the Fest lineup. Performing around 2pm - Starley's soul purpose is to make people feel and heal from her songs... Watch out ATX!