Heads up Sushi Eaters!!!


May 16, 2017

If you're a Raw Fish Eating Sushi Lover, keep this in mind. There is been in increase in the number of Sushi Eaters getting sick from a disease that is called 'Anisakiasis'. The CDC says it's a parasite disease that's caused by worms that attach to the wall of your esophagus, stomach and / or intestine. They are caused by a chain reaction of digestion w/ whales taking a dump and larvae getting infected. The larvae is eaten by crustaceans, the crustaceans are eaten by fish and squid which comes to Sushi Lovers to eat!  Since the fish / Sushi isn't cooked all the way, Sushi lovers ingest the parasites who quickly take over their stomachs, irritating them,which leads to fun stuff like fevers and vomiting. If left untreated, you would eventually have to get surgery to have them removed. Good Times! Click here for more! 

I knew there was a reason I'm not a fan of raw fish.There aren't near as many cases in the US, but it is on the rise.I wanted to give Sushi Lovers a heads up, just in case. If your tummy starts to feel bad after eating Sushi, get  things checked out to make sure you aren't carrying a worm around!  #Yucky  - HR