Thank You Mix Miracle Makers for Saving Lives this Holiday Season!

Elf on the what? This Year It's a Feisty Pets XMAS

December 12, 2017

Day 12 / Tuesday 12/12: Happy #MixMakesMiraclesRadiothon Day w/ the Mix Morning Show / Booker, Alex & Sara. 6a-6p today raising $$$ for Dell Children's Medical Center.  Santa would be proud of both #Glenda & #Growlie today... 13 days until Christmas. #FeistyPetsXmas ... Christmas will be so much better thanks to all the Miracle Makers! \

Day 11 / Monday 12/11:
Sharing makes Santa Happy. Somebody needs to tell #Growlie that... #Glenda is working on patience.. 14 days until Christmas...

Day 10 / Sunday 12/10:
How's your Christmas/ Holiday shopping going? #Glenda & #Growlie do a bit themselves, with an ulterior motive w/ Growlie... 15 Days until Christmas...

Day 9/ Saturday 12/9:
What is this all about? #Glenda & #Growlie getting their Game of Thrones for Christmas on? Who wants a Dragon for Xmas! 16 Days until Christmas... #FeistyPetsChristmas

Day 8 / Friday 12/8:
What was your last 'Nog Night' like? #Growlie 's or #Glenda 's  #Naughty & #Nice covered!  17 days until Christmas.. #FeistyPetsChristmas


Day 7/ Thursday 12/7: 
Elves have nothing on Feisty Pets gift wrapping! Glenda & Growlie decided to help honey Ted w/ present wrapping w/ only 18 days until Christmas. Whose wrapping team would you be on?  #TeamGrowlie or TeamGlenda ... #FeistyPetsXmas

Day 6 / Wednesday 12/6:

Glenda & Growlie got #Naughty escaping from honey Ted & I for a bit. This is where we found them for the turn around to #Nice.. w/ 19 days until Christmas! #FeistyPetsXmas...

Day 5 / Tuesday 12/5 :
Would an elf go out of  his/ her  way to solve a tree topper problem at the store? Maybe, but Glenda & Glowie do it in a much 'Feister' style. They didn't mind the attention they were getting either.  A bit of #Naughty & #Nice for the countdown of 20 days until Christmas #FeistyPetsXmas


Day 4 / Monday 12/4:
kicked off Dec 1st. honey Ted isn't a fan of the Elf  or his/ her shelf. So we thought we'd have some Holiday fun w/ our Feisty Pets we just got each other... Glenda the Unicorn & Growlie the Bear. You can scroll down to see what they've been up to each day getting closer to Christmas.

#Naughty :Today on #NationalCookieDay things got heated when Growlie ate Glenda's cookies... But she knew this would not be #Santa approved....  

#Nice... *No #FeistyPet was harmed and no stuffing lost. The photo is a look at a fleeting #Naughty thought Glenda had... Growlie did get a tummy ache from his #Naughty action of eating too many of Glenda's cookies for breakfast. 21 days & counting ... until Christmas

Day 3 / Sunday 12/3:


Day 2/ Saturday 12/2:
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Day 1 / Friday 12/1:
Happy December 1st.
Today kicks off the  Elf on the Shelf' Christmas journey for many. Not the case in my home...honey Ted isn't a fan of the Elf  or his/ her shelf. We thought we'd have some Holiday fun w/ our Feisty Pets we just got each other.   

Today Glenda & Growlie kick off their  #FeistyPetsXmas chilling since this morning watching TV.. UP CLOSE!  (of course listening to Mix 94.7 at the same time).

Glenda -Glitterpoop (Unicorn)                                                         Sir-Growls-A-Lot / Growlie (Bear)

 They will be watching for the #NaughtyandNice. Look out for #Naughty & #Nice.  Never know when their #Naughty will come out!