Vacation Time! Cheapest Days for Air Travel!

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April 21, 2017

Now is the time to if you're thinking about going away on a Summer vacation to think about the travel costs.  I ran across this write up that gives suggestions on when to buy airline tickets / travel days to fly at their cheapest. This is separate from deals that might pop up, that you might not see. This was determined through research dates that are the cheapest for Summertime travel.'s Annual Airfare Study

- Going through 921 million different airfares, their study shows the lowest airfare for a trip changes 71 times. This is about every 4 1/2 days throughout its lifespan.
- The study showed Americans enjoy, in this order, relaxing on Vacation in the months of July, August, June, and September.
- Ideal time to book your flights for a summer vacy is 76 days, 2 1/2 months in advance of the trip. 'Prime Booking Window is 21-140 days from travel date.

Cheapest dates per month in its Summer airfare calendar, and they are as follows:
June 6 is the least expensive day to travel.  
June 14th and most Tuesdays & Wednesdays are the cheapest days during a week to fly saving around 60 bucks a ticket!
June 20th - The 1st official day of Summer
Here are some dates you may want to consider when it comes to travelling

June 6, June 14 and June 20

July 4, July 9, and July 19

August 22, August 23 and August 26

September 12

Cheap Air says $250 can be saved on a ticket booking a flight this way. Of course you might come across a 'GREAT DEAL' that lasts a very short time. If you see that TAKE IT, but know they don't stick around very long! Happy Vacay! Click here for more.

Wonder what a flight to the Bahamas would cost?  Or Mall of America?  I know 2 totally different type of trips, but 2 places I would love to check out! Where do you want to go?