Could chicken nuggets bring down Ellen's world record?

Not if she has anything to do about it!

April 13, 2017

Remember when Ellen took her famous "Oscar selfie" photo when she was hosting the Academy Awards?  Well that holds the world record for most Twitter re-tweets with over 3.2 million...a record we thought would stand for a long time.

However, there's a new challenger to the throne.

Have you heard about the kid who tweeted at Wendy's, asking for a year of free chicken nuggets?  Wendy's said if he could get 18 million re-tweets, they'd make it happen.  Well he is already up to 2.6 million re-tweets and counting!

Today, Ellen addresssed the threat and proposed a solution...she told all her viewers to retweet both his Wendy's tweet and her Oscar selfie tweet.  That way, she keeps the record and he gets his nuggets.  Ellen, being Ellen, also offered to give him some "Ellen underwear" and a new big screen TV as well.

We'll see!

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