Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Bull Creek


April 10, 2017

As I'm sure you are aware, Austin is a pretty beautiful place.  The nature gods were pretty kind to this area.  There are lots of local parks and waterways to see and explore.  I checked out one such place on Sunday-Bull Creek District Park.

It was a great scene-there was a mixture of hikers, couples with their dogs, and families there for a swim to cool off.  (Emphasis on cool...the water couldn't have been more than 65 degrees).  I stayed out of the water and started walking up the creek.  

That could be in Hawaii...nope, right here in Austin.

Next, there was this....

There are "ancient tracks" that have been in the limestone for...well, who knows.  A long time.  Where are they from?  Who made them?  Ancient civilizations?  Probably.  Aliens?  Maybe!  I vote aliens, it's more fun.

Check out Bull Creek District Park, beautiful...and free!  Look at this peaceful scene...go recapture your zen.