Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Let's golf! Poorly!

Fore! Seriously, everyone look out.

June 14, 2017

Last Sunday morning, I had my first chance to break out the clubs and go golfing since I moved to Austin.  I've been golfing since high school...and somehow i've never really been good at it.   I actually joined my high school golf team...first of all, there were obviously no tryouts so anyone could have done this.  Secondly, the main reason I did this was because every day after school we "practiced" by playing nine holes of golf at the local country club for free.  That's like a hundred bucks of free golf a week!  Since then, i've had to pay for my own golf.  It's always fun to get out and check out nature for a while.  

That being said, this was the first time I had seen one of these signs while golfing:

Yeah, I knocked a ball behind that sign and just let it go.

Here's a picture of me in happier times...the first tee.

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