Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Name this movie

And don't forget your TPS reports!

April 11, 2017

Being a first-time Austinite, I have hundreds of places I need to visit.  Restaurants, parks, music venues, the list goes on and on.  

On Sunday, I checked out one of the more obscure places on my list.

One of my favorite movies is "Office Space".  Calling it a "cult classic" probably does it a disservice at this point-it's become so popular through cable reruns that it's just a regular old "classic" now.  As you may know, the film was shot in Austin back in the 90s.  So I had a few minutes to kill over the weekend...and I looked up the location of the famous Initech building from the movie.  (If you are weird like me and want to check it out, it's at 4120 Friedrich Lane in Austin).

If you swing by, don't forget your TPS reports.  Didn't you get the memo?