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What's so cool about our Mix94.7 app? Like our former app, it's FREE! You can stream Mix 94.7 for free while you're on the go, in the coffee line, at the lake... so many possibilities. Our new app also has some pretty awesome features. 

  • Discover & Download right from the app
  • Like or Dislike using the app
  • Wake up with Mix using the alarm clock feature
  • Listen to podcasts like Booker, Alex and Sara's Waiting By The Phone!

There are so many FREE ways to stay connected with Mix. 

You can...

 Download our free Mix 94.7 app for iPhone

 Download our free Mix 94.7 app for Android

 Download the free Stitcher app to listen to the station and our podcasts

 Download the free Tunein app or at to listen to the station

 And if you have one of these devices, you can download the NextRadio app for an enhanced experience that uses less data.