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Sean Mack is new to Mix 94.7!  Most of his previous knowledge of Austin was from that one season of “The Real World” that MTV filmed here, so…he has some catching up to do.

Sean comes here from Destin, Florida…before that, he lived in Charleston, Atlanta, and various other locales along the east coast. This is his first time living in Texas and he couldn’t be more excited to get to know the area…and all of you!

His interests include basketball, pro wrestling(don’t judge), bad reality television, whatever the Kardashians did today, and world peace.

Austin things he is most looking forward to: barbeque, Sixth Street at night, breakfast tacos, UT football, and bats.  Especially the bats.

Follow him all over Austin on social media…he’s on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @seanmackradio!

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