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Heather Rivera
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The Unknown Blogger


I just got my new Apple iPad and boy is it sexy. The iPad, and Apple products in general, are a lot like hookers – they both do really cool, useless tricks for a lot of money. The iPad now comes in a variety of hard drive sizes.  The smaller size or what Apple calls its miniPad comes with only 16GB of storage. Too small.  I wanted the iPad that has the biggest bang for the buck and that holds the most absorbing content so I went with the maxiPad – a whopping 64GB to easily handle those heavy computing days. I love my little maxiPad and I take it with me wherever I go.  Using my maxiPad gives me the confidence I need while horseback riding, swimming and playing volleyball in my bikini.  And with my maxiPad I never have to worry about experiencing any nasty computing accidents while wearing my white hot pants in the summer. Some are critical of my maxiPad and say mean things like, “you can't even make a phone call with it!” Big deal. If I wanted to make a call I'd just use my iPhone which I also carry with me, along with my iTouch for listening to music while using my maxiPad since you can't run multiple apps on the maxiPad.  Throw in my Apple notebook and I have everything I need to do useless crap all day and all night. Oh yeah! I am a bit disappointed that my maxiPad doesn't explode like my iBomb but oh well.  Can't have it all. So if you've been thinking about getting an iPad and you're stupid like me,I say go for it. I love my maxiPad and although I've only had it for a couple days now, I'd be lost without it.  Thank you Apple.

04/25/2010 6:17AM
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