Alex's son is having nightmares about a chicken?

Friday, April 14th


Alex is asking for help in how to handle his son's new nightmare! 

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Shallow issues a little two year old boy. I'm such nightmare. So Sunday and is almost we go he like 5 AM I just hear screaming bloody murder and when you hear that uses John about Iran newsroom. He's like sitting in his crib Byrd has bad now mean secret but it's like one of those when you've heard it has a reality get in and out of it and which I would have thought with a got out of our enemy but he does is sitting there he's going in the corner of his remains like saint. Chicken chicken the chicken bat I'm like why what's happening here and it's finally realized that oh my gosh you had a nightmare all was it about a chicken he's as crime. And ensor bringing it down like you know hey you know bodes well this chicken little emblem of the bridge now that's an admiral how soon. You know it is it is tough but he's facing I answered that there's a chicken there. And I asked what the chicken did Simon and whether it's say and he said like like like like oh my god it's on that you like evil chicken in my mind this. Like I had and everybody will say what's is funny because earlier that day he had chicken nuggets from McDonald's we can't be out what's I'm not pregnancy together because he loves them I don't know why chicken without his brand but it's a team that signs him I'm guessing maybe it was like poking Adam or something he was and Parker playing us out and I'm just put I don't know yet. But now my job every night. Is to have to inspect his bad with him so yes this stuff dog but he got hot I key uniforms cousins and so that's is like a real dog he cares trowel over and so. Now every night before bed he gets and he we have to inspect the crib in the area around it so he grabs his dog he has my hands. And we look around the crib and we inspect and make sure there's no crib actually evercore lauded on doing it but. This is a little bit of those receiving these a look at make sure to check around under spread everywhere and he's point is that his dog inspect -- like a good dog legs taking the lead and looking and sizzled in the dog and looking at I'm not to the corners of. Area of this is I went down an engine and she knows none of the good angle. You know she won't mention it now. You don't need very checked lunatic in that senators leave it there no particular problems or so we'll think girls well. She can go. Mom taught on the sentences saying chicken go away when she sees them so it puts the alarm out sing chicken go away basis. Amazing is every night how. And we are trying to figure out how to like get rid of this nightmare like I mean I don't even. Let and now we're we're asking around and our friends and have kids like what do you do I don't even know the duet I am I doing the right thing even saying chicken in front of them. Don't know I mean maybe you should explain your letters such a thing as it could trigger a bad check and maybe. The nine Mary had was about a bad chicken the most chickens are good you know one of hate chickens grow. I don't want the sick and you know I don't wanna meet second goal when I do but I don't minute at the delays and as a pet does gonna Wear red. Again now it is like chicken now. The nominee with eagle on and the hatred in you know not want Haden but it's weird though the only he knows he's eating chicken rank and then made that correlation or. How much shaken Israel and a chicken ignited. I was very good question I I don't know if there's any chewing chicken nugget Friday on his breath so ignited chicken and his farewell to you recommended your. I don't know what I had a night near the kid because there is a bad picks are my while. As a kid that had a clown and a monkey in it well every night I remember this is a child the clown a month he would come and visit me and they would just put their hands on my windows still and stare at me while I slept on my out of my name Mary Ann it's still is something that hot streets of his dates as part of DK Italy to you have to learn I think how to be great even. And you know your parents can only help you so much because. Live with me for a couple of years as a little kid. My wife's friend told me that what you do is get a spray bottle and into spring ball and filling with water and given the bottle. Re there and say distinctive through the chicken love the idea but it didn't today morgue for decked again white the damn flu. All the water.