Booker almost got in a fight at a grocery store!

Wednesday, September 13th

Booker usually hates confrontation! Why did he almost start a fight at a grocery store?


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Let me tell the story about how your boy Brad Booker almost gonna fight yesterday daring I was at the grocery store and by the way I wanna tell you that I am seller not a fighter I am I'll I'll talk my way out of any schedule and noticed the years Narnia and but I had been bullying and I got a wedding coming up this week and show my stress and anxiety level this time. I was at the grocery store and there was a couple that was walking a fry enemy and down apparently they did not like the way that I would this. Approaching and they felt that I should have stopped sooner or something really she's done it does the girl. Look you mean with this just. Angered her face and started you know lippi. And I'm like. Or real lead. And normally I would just blow it off right. But I was already strung out and they was up and I shall waving out girls it was up hey how are you and I kept looking now nominee kept looking back at me and then morn loses like aggression that started building up. Mainly with them a little group women and she was like what's up what's up the way he said that. Yeah easily handle it like what's up. And then he dropped his girlfriends handed ha for a moment Els are okay what's up so Dan. I parked in as I'm walking into the grocery store they're here it's hot like she's like it was going oh man it sure didn't get a look at it with me. And normally I'd be like all bad you know whatever now I'm bill OKO or read. But owls like you need to back off Al started like I did. There that you need to back off can you say wait JGB year because Hollywood HEB oh I'll is that I think blushing as a central market but. I sat in my credit alone a granola I don't know a lot and it's still look like he couldn't really dish jury me. Other venues cities should be on Riverside or so. And I didn't have a. Are you with his girlfriend and and I think Liane I don't want to get a fine. Any way he felt heavily and what you gonna do it central market after a bunch of people walking around like he's not gonna do anything that he started common that they know man. And I'm like yo bro you need to back off. And I guess that just infuriated whole budget task I just knew this guy who can only non and I'll think you need to step back brawl that show last war eagle. Said that you say that's just let you go. I gosh isn't so not your carry terror. I should one or job is usually does in relation. But if you cut. Mean I will drop you before you can blame Nader laid out like George Carlin by I tell us harm when you woke up and it's a pleasure it was as I go. I ever did double blood belt did you just give you. Caddie said I go to judged. TJ I try to stage huge share but they stumbled on the word -- jets do I feel like huge huge huge soon yes. And I share our men and finally at this point he knew that I always Fuller. It's getting him really getting anger at meals like bro I'm sorry I said. Let's keep it real for second. With all due respect and I mean should do it to disrespect your girl and I'm sorry like we just end this peacefully. Think I'm really sorry if I have CI AUS sub got on the what's going on man I was move and I got a wedding this weekend I am I. High anxiety this. Good movies in this is awesome news it Will Ferrell like doing this like you all right Josh. And here's what's great about it ha do you go like this this is the a difference between guys and girls yeah I think girls would still be angry each other and talk about duke grads read we do dull. Flat out. Com and cattle in the back out. The old wearing it and pat on the back DL you don't dog I know he's a gravel where I and I read rallies like this argument have a good day and we roll up doors of. Lewis did it and I. I cannot believe this happened and they G-8 and an essential mart catalog oh yeah and oh my guidance awesome. I always do I I told so leg is such a man first second place yeah because I did double blood building huge comeback. It's proof so the dear self I don't hear I don't. Someone different because look what happened I mean you're a Connecticut has gone really really bad. Only I can't believe he took you seriously for a minute final the average pound cake actually. Kelly yeah how did how are out there and I'm no way to fight my entire life for is golf an all time might snatch and the thing I got here not as. Well they were walking off her shoes looking back at me like legends. In my area residents acknowledge they get series.