Booker talks to his son on the porch in the rain!!

Friday, March 10th


This is SO CUTE! You just have to listen to Booker talk to his "Thunder Buddy."

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John Green means and then last time I saw I was training end I was CNN driving home but I didn't hear thunder rain I so lightning. Late worry easy lightening as I fire I didn't see thunder a Senator Edwards I saw her firing and I'll mention all summer Neitzel doesn't fire. Tell you start hearing last night I decided I was gonna MIA sang grease used to rule. We're gonna go outside and I recovered patio out fried miss I'm kind of slump swinging right. He would go outside bodies like yeah okay so I thought well. I'll just require a semi and my falls like I'll just record this conversational sit here and just chatted sounds like a scene out of Forrest Gump that's very good and I just now on the front porch and assuming it is a kind of cute Nicholas us. Playing it. This brings yeah. Lots converting yeah. Clock. Henneberg still fly you know training I'm sure. Hungry is he anyway. Yeah. Bath or. He wanted to show quit. And I. To scare him. We'll want. And I final. Form and Carl let's start this thing when it's done doing all. We've been under beneath. Home proof that we are winning center washed it. I couldn't do it and it was that thundered you'd like to know I was asleep apple. Some like with Amazon in the rain for soundness. That always leads you to wow what step down 2000. With Dolores you heard here than I did everything pretty.