Can't Beat Booker with Britney 5-12

Friday, May 12th


Can Britney beat Booker?

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There's areas 700 and she wins in just 80 losses this morning serie for Brady Brady who lives and plays in bass drop also she's out of sense to invest Robitaille Brett Graff the summer let's welcome our dawson's favorite game. Okay our. Hanging. I. You're ago trying to play can be booked her pop culture trivia game issues you and me taking on the world. I'm an artist I'm leaving shares up five questions she's gonna ask you this year I don't know what they are not be able to carry things he's done a commanding it's the same five to skew more rate went. It. I'm mr. Brad does here is out the door. Question number and plans to handle is coming to an end to show is wrapping its six season and it isn't a full seven season and will be at which of the following is not a shun their rhymes show private practice Grey's Anatomy or Chicago hope. Or vote. In early in camp is 31 years old today she's actually starred in a lot of TV shows all of these except ever will it. Revenge this is us Brothers and sisters there. Jason Biggs is 39 years old today in American pie was the piety referenced a warned cherry pie a warm apple pie or a warm pumped in tied. I hate that I know this but it's. Apple I. Kelly Clarkson is the first choice to be a judge and the new American Idol what was Kelly's official American Idol winning song praying for time this time on my life a moment like best not like and friendly Johnny depths formal financial advisors say he made 650. Million bucks. In thirteen years but still couldn't afford is two million dollar a month lifestyle. And Charlie chocolate factory violin expanded into an oversized blueberry when she'd drink from the river of chocolate bothered to squirrels or tried shooting down. Or did you write will bring American. Mind. I second you it's time Britney would you still win for me the only way for you to get a deal you can identify this one of these questions are. Syria analyst coming to an end the show is wrapping up its sixth season I don't get a full seven seas and yeah that will be yet which of the following is not a show on Iran shall not in practice of Grey's Anatomy in Chicago host Chicago does not that's right Emily B in Kansas 31 years old today she's been his punish TV shows in fact all of these exact ever will add revenge this is us Brothers and sisters. No idea but I'm going this is us that a scratch your asks. Besides write any of those shows no. Jason Day is 39 years old today in American pat was the paddy reference to a warm cherry but I think it was a warm apple pie or warm pumped him practice or warm apple IR. It is the first choice to be a judge in the near American Idol bush Kelly's official American Idol innings on Craig's. Was praying for time no idea Jerry under read this time in my legs Green Day David Cook. Good riddance. Johnny dad's former financial advisors study mainly 680 million in the thirteen years but still couldn't afford a two million a month lifestyle in the film Charlie and the chocolate factory. The violin expands into an oversized. Eerie when she drink from the river chocolate bothered this girls tried shooting them this last question. Try chewing gum. You know that I didn't know that I did you know that because she Charlie chocolate factory several times their original Hillary may all sound and her about a ratify. Did she sell us. Out very early on in radio and. What did that Britney from bass drop and I can't speak for her.