Can't Beat Booker with Colton 5-17

Thursday, May 18th


Can Colton beat Booker?

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It's her record to 705 wins in just 80 losses this morning necessary for Colton Colton lives and Wesley and goes a Wesley high scores of students on summer break welcomed Austin's favorite game. Eight I call me or does yours got five pop culture trivia question she's gonna ask you on mount other minute shoot this you're done I'll come any inch of the shamed by just get more right to win okay. Our. I. All right mr. Redeker is out the door questionable one Lauren bishop Allen didn't Higgins from the bachelor split. Which of the following bachelor peeps have also broken up judge Joseph Fletcher in Jordan Rodgers Bob Guinea and a stellar guard near her Tristan and Ryan. I have no idea how about the the second one. Bob dinning got it eight alien covenant is out Friday it's the biggest movie opening of the weekend and it is this sixth film and the alien series the original film came out in 1979. And it's star to what actress that is also in the film that you rose to busters. Oh well. He's shoot after August know that but. We don't know her. Bob Saget is 61 years old today on full house uncle Jesse had a date and where they called Jesse in the show writers Jesse in the rivers heard Jesse in this viewers. How about just the administrator. Derek toughest thirty years old today Tuesday may thirtieth on NBC is the premiere of world of dance with Jenna at Antietam. Knee out. I honestly have no idea you that in my couple Jamar. I don't at this Adam Lambert could be an idol judge kiosks in two hours with what British rock band that has hits like another one bites the dust. But I cannot do. It'll bring him back into the he'd gotten one NRA line and OK cold. It's very clear guests here. Exploring Bushnell and Dan Higgins and bachelor split which of the following bachelor keeps have also broken up judges Fletcher in Jordan Rodgers Bob Gainey had a stellar guard near and Tristan and Ryan. Surprisingly I actually know the answer this question and I only know because Jordan Rodgers still a dead girl yelled and Tricia Ryan really the only trouble ever made a drug and 95 seasons and a bachelor bachelorette shows that bottle whoever those people are in the middle. By any LEO I north but really she came out he was the dog I Emery and I'm glad it didn't have a six pack I don't really like this are losing did not have a six back it was all about his person. That sounds like might try to act I've asked. Alien cabinet is out Friday and it's the sixth of film in the whole geely and series the original is in 1979. What actress starred in and the sorry we are in ghostbusters a distraction she goes you know she isn't one or two but she does not mean that is well and. Is well I. Bob Saget is 61 years old uncle Jesse had a ban on full house is it called Jesse in the shredder is Jesse in the rivers are Jesse and skewers. I really don't know but Jesse in the Schroeder's sounds familiar with the river's historic first SE in the rivers of I like to just seem rescuers battled. Dared cup is thirty years old today and she's in May thirtieth I can't wait is the world of dance on NBC yeah we didn't Janet Tatum Channing dickens' life. Neo Derek and what pop star Jennifer Lopez to scrap. Oh yeah and finally Adam Lambert could be an idol judge she often tours with glad British rock band that is clean lane and another one bites the dust that's our. Yeah maybe we. Colmes thanks for playing with my Bob called I don't know elaborate Shell Oil clean broke save miss another one but does that this gold from work like I do and it can't be both. And.