Can't Beat Booker with Hope 5-18

Thursday, May 18th

Can Hope beat Booker?


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It's your regular senators six wins in just 80 losses this morning is retiring for health Pope lives and essential Lawson and she also works in central Austin for the state of Texas is welcome to Austin's favorite game. I hear a guy we got to five pop culture trivia question shares trade and she's asking you this is selling the room we're gonna make Shubert fair I don't know what they are won't be able to hear anything seizure Donald coming into the same five just get more right to win today. And on. We hope that she meets hooker I have achieved here that alzheimer's and no locker Peres is to Brad bunkers out the door. Right here we go question number one Tina bay is 47 years old today is Tina Fay the voice and CBS. Blog greens are Wal-Mart. Or. CBS yeah. OK Taylor Swift is dating British actor model Jill Al win this is not the first jello Taylor has ever dated who is the other famous joke that Taylor dated. Jimmy Kimmel host the Oscars again and she doesn't any teen what picture won best picture in 2017. Live life to. Meanwhile it got me in my. Yeah. Buddy. How do all boys demand New Kids On The Block are here in Austin sending native Greg Erwin center true or false there are Brothers in New Kids On The Block. Or and and the kitty Perry admitted she used did go girl at the Mac gala because her. Dress was huge it's a funnel like device that allows women to douse standing up Katy Perry is going to be a judge unlike us TV show. American medical our children back in. How can. I ask you. Amateur piano she would do it with her I don't know it's. Tina Fey is 47 years old is. Teaneck native voices CVS Walgreens and Iran no ideas just strictly gas Walgreens and yet. To order a happy happy healthy and yeah. But for AZ and friends sex in the city I mean John berg it's his name by now it's Tina and I love those commercials your salaries and again. Taylor Swift is dating British actor Ronald Joseph Holloway and this is not the first Joshi is ever dated who is the other famous joke Joseph Jonas and general host Oscars again and she doesn't eighteen. What picture won best picture and she doesn't seventeen. Moonlight that is drag and Paula Abdul voice amid new kids on the blogger here in Los instead the united Brinker winds that are true or false there are Brothers in the band's. I'm trying to think of the Brothers would be. Yeah I would say that there are Brothers because I don't know why you would ask your question there weren't I don't know that her brother's in the bay and now they're not Brothers band. And I agent in there are thinking about the wall where I was shining all urged. You like I really back not a kid on. Oh what I was thinking. It seemed every you know everybody forgets the job and know every Jordan neighbor Jonathan's like these like there's that your children. Yeah. Highly Katy Perry has admitted to easy and go girl undamaged gala because her dresses so elaborate it's a bottle like device that allows women to convert them back they're scanning eighty Carrey is going to be a judge NY TV show American Idol four flag you. And yeah that's that's very by me hope because I get the win it provides you good. It's yeah. But it's just a couple potential occidental I can't speak for her. Thank you all.