Can't Beat Booker with Jessica 9-13

Wednesday, September 13th

Can Jessica beat Booker? 


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There's your record is 778. Wins in just 84 losses this morning Sarah for just dead just got lives in Georgetown makes sicken me Denard awesome resources and administrative assistant let's while word Austin's favorite game. Booker real simple and and easy to place there at answering five questions she's gonna ask you I'll leave the room I don't know what questions are and I'm not going to be able to hear anything but when you're done I will commanding into the same five. It. Our I just got he is out the door good. And ease our Sunday at 7 o'clock on CBS two is hosting the Emmys even called there team scored in her Jimmy Fallon. I have a parent let it go. They are adults. Jennifer Hudson is 36 years old today as an actor she made her film debut portraying STY eight in what film for which she gained worldwide acclaim and won an Academy Award in a Golden Globe Award. Out this sixth season premiere of the Mindy tragic tapped in yesterday on Julio many jailing of course is pregnant with a little girl she got her TV start as a writer on what comedy show where she ended up playing tough Harry at a couple dog questions Paul Walker would have celebrated a birthday today what movie did he star and about sled dogs and Alaska white paying eight below our iron will pull that all of a sled dog Carl. And I guess 80 well. And of finally mart confirmed Blink-182. Is working with other artists on an album called dog signs to raise money for dogs that have been displaced by hurricane Harvey all the songs heard us Bemis stocks what was the name of the famous dog in the wizard of odds are. Trailing back and look. She says it is for us. And four that. So I just roles intact or any Easter Sunday at 7 o'clock CBS who was hosting Stephen Kobe or James Gordon heard Jimmy Fallon. Well the key to the answer there Sherron. Is the Emmys will be on CBS arms that would mean Stephen called bear will be the host wallboard James Gordon who is also on Xenia. Yeah he's Tony's got themselves even call bears oh my final answer. Visited the terrorist Gary thing about it that's correct Jennifer Hudson is 36 years old today as an actress she made her film debut portraying anti white and watch films where she gained worldwide acclaim and won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Two girls yes. This season premiere of the mini projects happen on Hulu yesterday Mindy hailing who is pregnant with a little girl got her TV starred as a right where I want comedy show where she ended up playing a character inning Kelly the. The officer two yeah. Blocker had a celebrated a birthday today he started what movie about sled dogs in Alaska white saying eight below or iron well yeah. No idea to those are on my favorite sled dog in east how many more sled dog movies. There was one other than I'll ask out there called and again. We'll be fine I usually and light staying never been able eight deliver iron well. Blues sounds good yeah that's like guys like an action dog sled movies at all agree that there are all of them but able yeah. And you dad I guess I should question at HBO or Netflix right now because the last last weekend it's. Here is so get it's based on a tree story about these dogs that. Real active and into urging cousin actually. And if I eat markup this Bradley when he BC is working with other artists on an album called dark songs to raise money for dogs displaced by hurricane heart beat how we it is sad that we do dogs on yeah. Alex yeah yeah ours are way better all the songs are about Amos dogs. What is the name of the famous dog from the wizard of us. I'll come on around us. I think we're seeing our. This I'm gonna find out about them and barely. Barely a lot actually had four iron I. Out that she is she's almost beat Santa is one on Obama. Get my masters are all. In order furtive BBC you have to get six out of five hours mathematically. Impossible. Good for him. Just think you know. I don't have to protect hour and a half in advance.