Can't Beat Booker with Kailey 5-15

Monday, May 15th


Can Kailey beat Booker? 

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It's their regular seven. A 104 wins in just 80 losses morning sir Irene for Caylee daily lives in South Boston makes it commutes essential Lawson where she's a manager at home improvement store let's welcome our Boston's favorite game. There weren't pub culture BJ called candy brokerage universally shares got five questions that she's written a would be out of Burma she ash and I don't know what questions Archie made super fair okay. I have class. I just bunkers is out the door. That's number one Kelly Clarkson is heading over the voice for season 148. And a completely new coach will also be added for season thirteen is that Carrie Underwood Katie scary or Jennifer Hudson. I can clean up its and it's. He Nigeria and sounds great. There's a new poll of the best buddy cop movies of all time and lethal left then is number one who are the two cops and that who are the stars. Only guide as in if you aim lined boomer dream like and it scares her like that he doesn't seem like temporary or a rare and lethal. I'm really glad that guy. Why they and let your dad was making number shocked. Jamie Lynn Sigler is 36 years old today on the show entourage she. Oh my god to show that never seen. Indians off. Melissa McCarthy C hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend this season she is played what's controversial political person Donald Trump Sean Spicer Mike Pence. And they Miley satire is released her new single mallet dale last week and it's all about Lian Hemsworth it's real sweet she met Leann and what movie the last song dear John or ninth security anti. You're darn right we'll bring him back him. And week out why not hang our. It's too reliant K garden and that's as far as Kelly Clarkson is heading over. The voice for season fourteen and a new coach will also be added for season thirteen is it Carrie Underwood to eighty scarier Jennifer had Jennifer Hudson Paris I color Shea. There is a plus the best buddy cop movies of all time at least eleven is number one yes can you name I and I told her just named one of the star Danny Glover and Mel Gibson's. The way Jamie Lynn Sigler is 36 years old today on the show entourage she dated what character no idea turtle that district sales data in real life. Yeah yeah Melissa McCarthy host did Saturday Night Live over the weekend this season and she's played what controversial little chunks of ice your. Jerry the White House and I. Just it's. Yeah finally I think this is the one question you're not gonna get right but she got it right Miley Cyrus released her new single Malibu last week and it's all about William Hemsworth and so sweet. She mentally Yemen what navy yeah. The last song dear Josh and earnings in our dandy. Yeah all Nicholas Sparks and films. Sheila I got into second shooting here in the first and sounds the most likely what's the first struggled the last song yeah that when this yeah. Hey Dan Ellis has really from the family Esther I did Jon had cheating to hate Adam and nice community and the had a dying. That's manifests. Clean the really good movies clearly think so much for playing. I'm told you know just it can't hurt tough talk and I cannot teach us your.