Can't Beat Booker with Lisa 3-20

Monday, March 20th

LISA beat Booker!!!!


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It's her record is 666. Wins or 666. Slump. And somebody 7 losses this morning said Aaron for Lisa Lisa lives a winner may sicken me does Cedar Park. Where she sees school nurse looks like we're Dotson his favorite game. OK. It is bad. And that's lying either is aware and serious. I mean I guess on the way that. Yeah. Hall of fame status you have to cross over that 66 in Smart guy you are not bound man. I can't believe that we played his game this mideast hopefully Lisa keeps therefrom are now I hope are. Lisa shares got five questions she's gonna ask you all matter in these series Giordano. Climbing back again and promise Alex's are going to be heard you on. Series. It is I answers seem five foot and you get more right to me when grading. I rank. And he's walking out the door. He's made in the sand across as he leaves our riot police say he's out the door open computer last. Great question number one is. A travel company called blue marble right it's gonna begin expeditions. To be resting place of the Titanic. In May of 2018. In film Titanic what actress who played rose Jack's once you've. Let and Schering has a ton of pigs huge colorful tattoos and a lot of people ask him what they look fine now but tattoos don't always age well. On his chest DNC huge tattoo of a. Moon. I'm you go live. Larry and. And only Adam Levine turned 38 years old on Friday he made his acting debut on what TV show. American worse storied scream queens are Dawson's Creek. American court or dvd in the bees came out this week and and made so well much. Money. In eighth to Ian McKellen is playing cogs words. And Ewan McGregor is playing me air which is what item. Ari and friendly. Bruce Willis turned 62 years older to be gained he has three dollar daughters with the Demi Moore to Lou left. Outs. And you she also appeared on her okay we'll bring it back and think and and buck. Hey hey you better be eyeing your gang classic got got got us back. I know is like you. Stage she's unleash suicide watch that. I it's it's easier access data. I. OK so I travel company called blue marble parade it's good to begin expeditions to arresting the resting place of the Titanic beginning may 2018 he had a 100000 dollars of Persia no big deal about it and really actually take it like as young you dig a helicopter over Giuliani yacht over tagging and still in the film what actress plays in the rose Jack's one troops that. Kate Winslet that is tracked. And Syria has a ton of big colorful had tears and he gives questions all the time well he'll bar he gets comet solace time while they look by now the taxis ice age well. On his chest he is a large tattoo that he under a lion or tiger. The line that is correct. Adam Levine turned 38 years old on Friday. Kimi his acting debut on my TV show American horror stories scream queens are Dawson's Creek. Oh boy it's so while this Islamic Iran. American horror story I don't think that's hit the scream queens doesn't scream not does is great scream queens interaction. Did they listen to mayor and our story and yeah so you've always on their jail. Yeah there are all about giving people at sea and it's where do audiences it continue. Time my around. C six at least he's getting bumped. Beauty and the Beast came out this weekend amid a ton of money in it Ian McKellen plays cogs whereas Ewan McGregor plays Lumia air which is what item. I've channel scared. And a finely dressed in Bruce Willis drink 62 this weekend he is three daughters that to mean more or toll less out eight and she was on Dancing With The Stars rumor Willis that is correct. Four or five a lot and we. And. Let me sprayed holy water on you gradually these. I had stain at 666. Off is their first loss since he doesn't have on the ground and a lot. Target loss but the bad thing though the fun part is he gets sales wholesale and not CNN. And I enjoy driving around today that I'd I'd. Hardly Syria god dang it day in day and money scrap Booker from Austin, Texas and I cannot believe. Yeah always had a added.