Can't Beat Booker with Sandra 5-16

Tuesday, May 16th


Can Sandra beat Booker? 

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Just directed a 704 wins in just eighty losses is warning hysteria for Sandra Sandra Lee isn't the real Mexican into the domain where she works at a computer star op when there was one that's well part of Boston's favorite game. Eight. Anywhere. And here we go gonna play can be Booker pop culture trivia game shares got five questions you can ask you believe in the robredo will be able to hear it yeah. It goes down I don't know questions and and. All right mr. Brad Booker is now a little. American idling he theory Mikey thinks he Carrie also announced her tour yesterday. If Katy Perry solves three William Hung is quote willing to consider stepping in. William is famous for his rendition of what Ricky Martin's son. Key scenes Jim Carson and married his birth and over the weekend he stars on my TV snap. No way is the most popular baby name for blade. And that is the most popular name for girls meanwhile try out at the biggest jump in popularity pilot became popular after character and what major film franchise introduce that name. In 2002 team. Oh my gosh. I don't idea. Lou. And I don't know. Over the weekend they announced that fox is doing rents lives sometime this fall. What let it go frozen singer started the original musical and the navy. I just can't burning oh my god I don't know I don't know. But what charter should. Finally willing grace will be part of messy Thursday an NBC and B that ninety season after eleven years with the original cast. Plays. Grapes. And. And we'll bring him back in. And he is also just the driver they grunting on router and an hour. It's. Thirty day to these kids and our god I hope here. So American idling Katy Perry might be a thing if it falls sir William Hung is willing to consider sending and William Hung is famous for his rendition of what Ricky Martin's son. She bangs. And a big snag it and work out a hug or chaebol they'll go early this whole crowd slowly along. Literally was juicy you heard that Al qaeda's. Hughes stands Jim Parsons Mary his boyfriend he stars on my TV show big being here. No way isn't as popular. Baby names for boy enact the most popular name for girls meanwhile I have had the biggest jump in popularity pilot became popular after care child life. The major film franchise. Introduce the name and she doesn't it teen Star Wars as. And the wind yeah over the week and they announced that ranks will be no socks. Lives for what letting gophers and singer starred in the original musical in New York City. And the navy and a secure way can be the dean amends Albert Kristin Chenoweth and I don't know fifteen human cells start on Broadway. He should graduation Broadway hearings get Christian which is his Broadway or go to Kristin Chenoweth. No it was not and present a she was not these photos Kristen Bell Kristen Bell LA always an hour wait did that dean amends now. It's always on Broadway serve does multiple shows that rents. We gave an answer answers demons in Amazon yeah and they are willing grace is going to be hard and messy Thursday on NBC that will be the ninth season after eleven years with your original cast what actress please brace. And Deborah bass and that is. Now pushing the government got these demons and actress until I did not and you. It is a holds on who's who's Kristen well she could actually. Bird yeah. Think it's clear that up for re see that's them. I would think so much for ladies thank you the track from there up and I can't but.