Flirty at 7:30 - Ella dropped wine and tampons and Nick came to her rescue!

Wednesday, April 12th


Nick came to the rescue when Ella dropped wine and tampons everywhere...can we help make a love connection?

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So it's yeah. So. Please say hello and how. A L is over the weekend connector with this guy did she meant I had to always like your convenience store grocery store what was it. Mostly does specialty dire that the underneath my apartment building in non-GAAP. I'm Jeanne. Serious stories spotting guys that work out. Well and I was grabbing a couple of things like an Hawaiian and he's been acting like an avocado and I am content that you occasionally. He's the only. I'll let John LG loans might be an account. Yeah I guess. I. Walked I'll need telegraphing your thinking about how much your leading. Packet to and learn better when they don't though. I am I getting their and a lack of a parent with gay people here I had everything you're not like perfectly balance the end I'm adapt. Can make editors. I want battleground. Don't have yeah. Hadn't yet or are. And link you guys ending in line behind me. And that you know actually grabbed the bat all arms and held me together and they mean you've got a line and then even to get my good camp I'm Indian and they're reassured me that you know Hayden that that can happen thanks. And I bet you really here. Well I kinda happens job innings experience. In the you aren't pretty awesome and that's apparently didn't pitch. You're worried about everything we even chatted a little bit out I had the release use and done it and read noting we can be active pilot Doug and and I didn't need to get in foul and I need I didn't turn my bird. He didn't. And down and she domain name of Nate. And that I'd I'd kind of blew out my detected it and he was weighing on the course and it had an employment. Played on it and no I thought about our current Barry works. And you know the is I get back to them kind of chickened out every time I went to go call. Then a payment to death of Michael you love. Awesome. We make it way easier this is pretty easy because we knew his name Mickey we knew where he worked except the funny thing is what we called and asked for neck we got an old nick. And we assume that is not the right neck. Yeah I was making 85 now Pratt. Shall we actually there was another panic in the office he said that their. Is apparently this is a confusion happens a lot so he transferred us to this other that we think we have the right now. Show. If you're ready I'll connect nick numbered two through my mind I'm your number one neck right now. Yeah Allah is on the phone and you might not know her name you may remember the story of her dropping a bottle line and a box of tampons downstairs I guess you live in that apartment building you remember there are. Situation you have it. As well right now. Yes interconnect and I'll wanted to say thank you for help out and she obviously knew your name could you introduce yourself when she's on your shirt your place of employment show. We thought did we would kinda help make this a little easier and down agent issued you show alum and Michaela. Okay. Why it's a look I. He helped cement and ready and think it's in the day a really good Gary Gary and eight as so I've seen you before senior at the pool actually unite. I doubt you're really cute and I gotta say IE of big kick you myself or not actually. Asking your number when I saw he I would do lawless figure losses. Yet I just milk. Are scattered out. Showing you saw her you. Already knew she was ice. Yeah yeah. Kinda I didn't have a doctor Daniel I honor yeah yeah yeah sure yeah. Males one of those who know ED drops themselves and you had to check out and so like it was too much credit chaos. I don't know I just. Yeah but I can. Doesn't count. Callaway you've never seen him around this is just like women haven't paid no digital map not seven. Last year so this is say to Shea May Day your single. I am seeing Julia. I. You know she is you know she looks like it would you be willingly allow their. Yes yeah how we mud looked to if that's cool would you I guess that's why that's what this is. Your absolutely. Absolutely. You know I drink wine now. I did you know I'll I'll go ahead now I don't I don't period should. For example.