Flirty at 7:30 - Matthew accidentally got Cassiday's amazon package

Wednesday, May 3rd


Matthew accidentally opened his neighbor's Amazon package...and when he delivered it to her he discovered she was really hot! Can we make a connection happen?!?!

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Garrett hey it's should we do call flew thirty map view all do you are hoping that we can help you with a girl so let's hear the story. I live over by cabinet than an apartment complex you know I really students live there are so close. And the other day out someone else's I'm a bond package out my door but I do realize it until I opened it it was apparent grows oranges. Obviously knowledge you ordered all right I thought I why would you open up an Amazon package and we know it's our years. I didn't realize that the time I get packages all the time I'm at least three world he can start Daniel now yeah period period is and just quick to open and it wasn't until a huge amount like 08. Yeah these are not mine. You look at the name and found out that her show when they look drew close you. Exactly garnered a ticket to the right apartment which is only it was dumb Hollywood and Mike's somewhere really far. And the girl they'd answer the door was really cure I should do you charge earned. I'm I'm I'm kind of shy inside and and wanna say anything right then and there are not you know to be honest so little intimidated. By it. I'm a runner as well first solidarity had a little. Connection there and he I couldn't get a the courage to actually just after -- remember blood. Just roll on six like that iron from her yet takes time and feel all right. I should you should quickly recap match you you get a package in the mail from Amazon you open it up. And accidentally discovered this pair female running shoes obviously do not order those it's from a neighbor down the hall you drop it off and she super cute you are and are running choose there's that instant chemistry and you're hoping that we can connect you because your little shined a wanna do which self. I like him he sounds ninth. All grandstand and I ask. Hey Matthew doesn't work Ellis Cassidy would gladly username and then loan per share she's an avid runner ten. Luck ache or from like running alone. Notice I am trying to figure out a but the good news is we do Hamburg info and we called her and we know it's the right Cassidy. We just need to see if she is interest I think you should have been on hold the whole time so will connect that you a year and see if she wants you trezeguet betrayal and she was. Yeah I'll take this relationship a little jug I hang out. Cassidy. They'll connect cheering now your on the radio and LA UCLA to Matthew your neighbor Cassidy Matthew Matthew Cassie. Are. Mask really your neighbor they dropped off compare running shoes firming Amazon the other day and when you into the toilet all my guys this girl is beautiful but was a little too shy to ask you out so we thought that we would help them out and she if you were in a relationship then if you work if you would be interested in maybe me up with magic for drinks or whatever. Whenever he. All grown up very quickly you borrow it and you'll have a great Britain and and mall yeah yeah. I Nassau and dealing with the. Then yeah how are an important area very content they burn out there are out eye ear and out of these nations and. He narrowed Cassidy can you just not. So no this slate either should forget the trap then it's as small complex and I just. I want the guy thinking you know I am trying their get after his girl Ernie. Yeah is legally I. You don't worry I armed immigrant and about the talent pay. But I'll keep a crack at it the museum. Okay local sorry everything I guess anymore here attack resilience of this a little bit a dark. Yeah. It's not usual.