Flirty at 7:30 - Sam wants to meet the girl at his car dealer

Wednesday, June 14th

Sam wants to meet the girl at his car dealership!


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So yeah. Whatever feelings actually. It's called flirting we. Hello to Megan lamb can actually talk to show and what's up man hey good morning got howry to you what. Ask your girl but where she works is one of those places now really conducive to flirting. Yeah so I don't. The car has been breaking down a lot lately I've been taken into the dealership that Richie died endorsing and I just think the receptionist at their new car area. Really hot and but. I mean I don't know if you got. I'm sure you have walked in the car dealership and you not just that the salesman at the dealership I just swarming around the best you know way off into the girls I can have a third of that rhetoric. Yeah. I'm gonna change it's absolutely it always seems like there are seals guys standing around Madagascar. I think usually broad stately ones on Jack. My friend we'll daily there's a schedule and see actually go see it's Europe Europe next. We like for real yeah are you solo campaign ad trying to hit honor at all times LA played OK it's now you're turned against embedded I'm. The next customer that comes in. Allow all I do know that. That's according to my one friend and head behind. Ownership and how's the app I was done is just like the sales guy hey I'll flirt or whatever trying to compete for her rows and into that at an epic. OK so anyway we know exactly shocking to us and yes yes. But anyway I just wondered if you guys maybe can get her on the phone and if she can dollar if she's. Interest that are not being there at all and I. I mean this in the nicest way possible but is she didn't know you are. I did I don't know if you single before I go up to her and try to edited myself. Yeah. I don't wanna get rejected in part all the sale. I would do it she ended. Well it's easy for us because we know the GM we got a hold of her it's no big deal she's on the phone right now she's been on hold the whole time she has no idea what she's coming unfortunate for the fact that somebody wants choose Shanghai acacia your daddy or our. I'd like already present in Jozy and I think that's a cool name and ash is too cute names you know she's got to be Q yeah so you're gonna hang out Jozy. This is segment called flirty. And there is a guy customer that is been in recently several times getting repairs to his car and he told us so dad you are absolutely gorgeous and he would love to Shanghai's old forward now so Sam. Okay. Yes hey Justin that the and yet not I just wondered acumen in question was I would kubert single. Could have been made and incorporated it is myself. Yeah that is barely beating you I'm actually not single. And actually have a girlfriend. Oh OK show. He got me like not a chance in hell for him. Yeah jobs yeah I mean not true can't plan well yeah. And it's OK I don't know it on yeah. It took very good for him for reaching out to us so Mike knowing that we were the right guys and it's events and I like images jumped introducing himself Serena that your kid Sam. And like keeper Hampstead noting looks like so. We can't name her. And if you are in that you know next time combined they Hyatt let each year are put that. Eight for the name. It's nice Iowa abruptly your baby Jews he had some single friends most of them are led him. It was just cause a loss in the sand and I'd move on they thought.